Interpersonal Growth Groups

Interpersonal Growth Groups (IGG)

CAPS now has an exciting initiative in group therapy.  We are offering at least one co-ed Interpersonal Growth Group (IGG) every day. In these groups, 7-10 students meet weekly with 2 therapist leaders.  Group is a great place to share your concerns, get support, and learn from others. Students who participate in group therapy feel less isolated, more self-aware, and more connected to others as a result of being in group.

The true power of Interpersonal Growth Groups lies in the interactions among members, their reactions to each other, and what they learn about themselves as a result. Interpersonal Growth Groups provide an opportunity to learn about how others experience you, to study your own style of relating, and to learn how that style may interfere with developing satisfying relationships. In group, you can experiment with being different.

We generally has around four IGG groups for Fall and then again for Spring.  The Fall IGG groups usually run from October to December.  Spring IGG groups run from February to May.  Please check back here for details on new IGG groups coming this fall.  See also our Group Listing page for news.