Area of Interest/Expertise

William Alexander, PhD
Director, PsychologistAdvocacy for underserved and marginalized student populations and reduction of stigma surrounding mental health.
Michal Saraf, PsyD
Deputy Director

Substance abuse, character pathology and other complex diagnoses, eating disorders, anxiety and depression

Director of Outreach and Prevention, Psychologist
General Adolescent Issues, Multicultural Counseling, Asian/Asian-American Issues, Eating Disorders, Women's Issues
CyndyBoyd-Resized_resize.jpgCyndy Boyd, PhD
Director of Training, PsychologistMulticultural Counseling, LGBTQI Mental Health and Wellness, Trauma, and Anxiety
Jane E. Kotler, LCSW
Assistant Director of Clinical Administration, Clinical
Social Worker
Developmental Issues, Women's Issues, Adjustment to College, Anxiety
davidAS_resize.jpgDavid Ahmad-Stout, PsyD

NathanielAmos-Resized_resize.jpgNathaniel Amos, LCSW
Clinical Social WorkerLGBT*QQIPAA Identity, Racial Justice, EMDR, Mind/Body Integration, Trauma Recovery, Grief/Loss, Eating Disorders, Member of STTOP Team
hberleth_resize.jpgHanna Berleth, MPsy

Doctoral Psychology Intern

Jessica Browne, MLSP, LCSW
Social Worker

Adjustment, transitional issues & individuation, identity development, eating concerns, mood regulation, trauma, grief & loss, anxiety & anger management, general  mental health and wellness

Batsirai Bvunzawabaya, PhD
PsychologistMulticultural counseling, depression, family-of-origin issues, body-image, students of African-descent concerns and STTOP Team member
Case Manager

General Psychiatry, Developmental Issues, Psychopharmocology, Young Adults, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and EMDR.
Jeannine Cicco Barker, PsyD, ATR-BC

Psychologist, Coordinator of the Eating Concerns Team

Laura Kay Collins, LSW
Social Worker

Anxiety, Mood Regulation, LGBTQIA Identity, Trauma Recovery, Family of Origin/Relationship Concerns,  Anger Management, Grief & Loss, Substance Abuse, and Self-Esteem & Empowerment and STTOP Team member

Post Doctoral Psychology Fellow

Doctoral Psychology Intern

Group Coordinator, Psychologist
Women's Issues, Group Therapy, Multiracial Identity, Multicultural Counseling, African American Issues
jfloyd_resize.jpgJason Floyd
Administrative Assistant

Front Desk

Janice L. Freeman, PhD
Psychologist Developmental Psychology, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, EMDR, Spiritual Practices
HeatherFrost.jpg Heather Frost, LSW, MEdSocial WorkerLGBTQIA issues, relationship issues (including open/poly relationships), sexuality and sexual well-being, identity development, substance abuse, sexual assault/trauma, family-of-origin concerns, mindfulness/meditation
EGarfinkle_resize.jpgEric Garfinkle, PsyM

Doctoral Psychology Intern
David Glassman, PsyD
PsychologistLGBTQ Issues, Relationship Issues, Anxiety and Depression
Yuhong He, PhD
International Specialist

International Students and Scholars' Mental Health and Wellness, Therapy in Mandarin and Cantonese, Job-Search Stress and Career Development Issues, Eating Concerns, Couples

HeatherHersh-Resized_resize.jpgHeather Hersh, PsyD
PsychologistLGBTQ Issues, Gender issues, Depression and Anxiety, Life Transitions, Chronic Illness


David Kasson, PhD

Anxiety and depression, career and identity development, relationship issues, general mental health and wellness

dlehman_resize.jpgLehman, Dana, PsyD


Matthew LeRoy, PsyD

PsychologistMulticultural Counseling, STTOP Team Member, Creativity, Grief and Loss
Culture and Psychiatric Diagnosis, General Psychiatry, Asian/Asian-American Issues
Soumya Madabhushi, PhD


Multicultural Counseling, Trauma, Grief and Loss, International students' mental health and wellness, STTOP Team Member

gmargo_resize.jpgGeoffrey Margo, MD

General Psychiatry

Psychology Externship Coordinator, Psychologist
Multicultural Counseling, Latino Issues, Grief and Loss, Women's Issues
Resident Coordinator, Psychiatrist
General Psychiatry, Training
Coordinator of Triage, Clinical Social Worker
Substance Abuse, Family Therapy, Adolescents/Young Adults, Men's Issues
Sonya Meora, MSN, CRNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Medication management, general mental health and wellness
jmullany_resize.jpgJulie Mullany, PsyD


LGBTQIA issues, Gender, Transition and Identity concerns, Eating disorders, Mood regulation, Trauma, Relationships, International students, Marginalized populations in general, and Human Rights

Michelle Murray, PhD

Post Doctoral Psychology Fellow
Nicole Nardone, LSW, MLSP

Referral Coordinator

Deborah (Di) O'Neill, DSW
Coordinator of STTOP Team, Clinical Social WorkerCouples, Trauma, Self Injury, Grief & Loss, EMDR, Sexual Assault/ Sexual Trauma, Women's Issues, Queer Friendly, Trans Informed/Trans Ally
Post Doctoral Psychology Fellow


Self-empowerment and maximizing potential: mindfulness based psychotherapy at times using meditation.  Helping disenfranchised individuals find their voice.  Anxiety and trauma. Depression. Penn alumna

Marian Reiff, PhD, LSW

Assessment Specialist

Preventive health care and holistic health using qualitative and qualitative methods

aSavela_resize.jpgAlexandra Savela, MS

Doctoral Psychology Intern

kselwyn_resize.jpgKyra Selwyn, PsyD

Multicultural counseling, anxiety, depression, trauma, identity development, interpersonal issues, health psychology

Alaina Spiegel, PsyD

Coordinator of  Prevention ProgramsOutreach programming, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, social justice, emerging adulthood, coping with anxiety, and mindfulness

Regina Spady

Administrative Assistant
Front Desk

Valeriya Spektor, PhD

Post Doctoral Psychology Fellow

JohnStein_resize.jpgJohn Stein, MD

PsychiatristGeneral Psychiatry

Meghan Sullivan, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker

LGBTQI Identity and Mental Health, Spiritual/Existential Concerns, Trauma, Relationships

Karoline Wallace, MA, MCIT
IT Support
Website, desktop support and data reporting.
AbeedaWarnauth-Resized._resize.jpgAbeeda Warnauth
Office Manager
Office Operations
DYager.jpgDerik Yager-Elorriaga, MEd

Doctoral Psychology Intern

Peter Zamora
Administrative Assistant

Front Desk