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On this page you will find information, resources, and links that cover a wide range of topics associated with seeking out opportunities and then succeeding as a faculty member within academia and higher education. If you are interested in postdoctoral position, then see the postdoc resources. If you are interested in non-faculty career opportunities within higher education, then see "Academic Careers (Non-Faculty)" for more information. The Grad/Postdoc team at Career Services is happy to help you as you are exploring academic jobs, and so please schedule an appointment with us if you have any questions.

Make use of the general advice below applicable to anyone seeking faculty positions from any academic discipline. If you are looking for discipline-specific advice, you can click on the links below - and be sure to discuss your career goals with your advisor or PI as well.

Career and Job Search Advice

General Advice and Resources

Navigating The Course of Your PhD
The Academic Job Search Handbook
Preparing for the Academic Job Market, Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

Chronicle of Higher Education articles, such as:

Inside Higher Ed articles, such as:

Programs and Workshops - Offered by Penn's Career Services, co-sponsored with the Office of the Vice Provost of Education.

Salary information

Compensation Information
- from The Chronicle of Higher Education
Adjunct salary information - the Adjunct Project

Advice on Applying for Faculty Positions

Application Materials - guides for writing CVs, Cover Letters, and Other Job Hunting Materials, such as research statements and teaching statements

General advice on Interviewing

Career and Job Search Advice Specific to the Humanities and Social Sciences

"Questions They Might Ask You" - article about conference interview prep for the MLA
Digital Humanities Resources
Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities Gain Importance in Career Paths

"For Artists, M.F.A. or Ph.D.?"
Modern Language Association - Career resources from the MLA
"A Brief History of the Humanities Postdoc"

    Career and Job Search Advice Specific to the Sciences and Engineering

    My IDP (Individual Development Plan)
    CV/Resume Strategies and Tips for Biomedical Postdoctoral Fellows
    Tenure Track vs. Research Track
    The Right Start-Up Package for the Beginning Scientist
    Negotiating Job Offers: Articles from ScienceCareers
    National Institute of General Medical Sciences - Workshop for postdocs transitioning to independent positions

    Advice from alumni

    Alumni can offer great advice for current PhD students and postdocs looking for academic/faculty jobs. If you want to know at which institutions Penn Alumni have accepted faculty positions, then be sure to explore the Career Plans Surveys for a look at alumni career paths broken down by academic program. We've gathered some of the most pertinent advice for you from this annual survey, and will continue to add more as we receive it. Click here to access the advice from your peers. You can also review general data gathered from the 2012 Career Services survey looking at the PhD alumni who are 8-13 years post-graduation from Penn, which includes specific advice for current Penn students/postdocs from the survey respondents currently in faculty positions - find it here.

    Thinking about a postdoc?

    Postdoctoral fellowships can serve as an effective transitional period between PhDs and faculty positions, industry positions, and a range of other opportunities. They are not an ultimate career destination, and they are no longer considered to be part of your student-based education - they are professional training. Choosing the right postdoc can help you to transition more efficiently into your career, and there is lots to consider in terms of finding the right postdoc for you and your future career aspirations.

    CLICK HERE for more information about finding and applying for postdocs, making the most of your postdoctoral experience, and about common career paths taken by postdocs.

    Job Listings

    Academic 360
    Academic Careers.com
    Academic Careers Observatory - European University Institute
    The Chronicle of Higher Education
    American Association of Community Colleges

    California Community Colleges Registry

    Community College Week
    H-Net Job Guide
    HERC – Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
    HigherEd Jobs
    Inside Higher Ed
    International Opportunities
    Job Hunt: Academia

    Science Careers
    Social Science Research Network - Links to job announcements as well as other professional information in a variety of fields can be found on the left frame.

    Employers and Opportunities

    Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education
    A Career at a Four-Year College

    Community College Information
    Index of American Universities
    - A comprehensive list of university homepages

    Professional Associations

    American Association of University Professors 
    American Economic Association
    Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
    Modern Language Association 
    National Coalition of Independent Scholars

    National Postdoc Association

      Additional Links

      PhD/postdoc homepage: Explore some of the different resources available to you to prepare you for a faculty career, or to help you determine if this path is right for you. You can also find guidance on how to make the most of your PhD and the many different resources at Penn that are available to help you.

      Balancing Work and Personal Responsibilities - information on dual careers and work-life balance for academics

      Preparing Future Faculty: a national movement to transform the way aspiring faculty members are prepared for their careers. PFF programs provide doctoral students, as well as some master's and postdoctoral students, with opportunities to observe and experience faculty responsibilities at a variety of academic institutions with varying missions, diverse student bodies, and different expectations for faculty.

      Center for Innovation and Research in Graduate Education (CIRGE) - provides information on career paths taken by PhDs from various disciplines

      Conference Alert - Listings of academic conferences around the globe (many, but not all disciplines are represented)