Working with your Students

Graduate and Professional School Advising

What we offer

Career Services has four advisors who serve undergraduates and alumni applying to graduate or professional school. Our advisors help students in some of the following areas: determining the fit between graduate programs, career plans and vocational interests; educating applicants about the nuts and bolts, and timing, of the application process; pinpointing optimal application strategies; and financing professional or graduate school. Our advisors also can work with applicants on developing personal statements

What we leave to you

Only faculty can provide students and alumni with current, cogent advice about the best and most appropriate programs in their disciplines. We send our applicants to their faculty for their advice in this area, and on other matters related to their expertise.


Jobs and Internships

What We Offer

Career Services provides a number of different ways for students to locate permanent and summer positions. Through PennLink, our on-line database of summer internships, jobs, and permanent positions, students can search for opportunities using a range of search criteria including location, type of industry, and type of job. In addition, we subscribe to a number of print and electronic job newsletters.

Through our distribution lists we notify students of opportunities as we hear of them. We help students prepare for their job search through assistance with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing practice. Through our extensive On-Campus Recruiting program, we make it possible for students to interview on campus for permanent and summer positions. We average approximately 12,000 interviews per year, of which about 25% are for summer jobs.

In addition, throughout our website, we provide links to scores of internet resources  and databases that list jobs and internships.

Issues that might affect you and your students

On-Campus Recruiting Interviews: Career Services staff are firmly committed to the notion that students have come to Penn to learn, to be students. As such, we expect them to go to their classes, and schedule their career-related activities around their classwork. However, we know there are times when students are invited to interviews outside of Philadelphia, often during the week, and requiring the student to be away for the entire day. We encourage students to meet with you to talk about their interview schedules and how best not to compromise their academic work.

Students turning to you for job/internship leads: We encourage students to talk to their faculty about their career goals, and to take advantage of your experience and insight. Because you may have ongoing relationships with employers in your field and alumni of your programs, you can potentially provide a wealth of information to your students.

Internship Credit for College of Arts and Sciences Students: With few exceptions, Penn does not offer credit for internship experience. However, many internships that most interest College of Arts and Sciences undergraduates require that the student receive some sort of credit for the internship. The College Office has developed a policy for accommodating students seeking internships requiring credit. The policy can be found online here.


Data about your students and alumni/ae

We believe that it is important to have as much information as possible to share with you, employers, and your students about the career choices available to those in your discipline.

Post-Graduation Career Plans and Summer Employment Surveys: Every year Career Services surveys new graduates, of both undergraduate and graduate programs, to find out what they are doing after graduation: where they are working, where they are in graduate or professional school, if they are traveling -- whatever they may be doing. Information is reported for every discipline.
In addition to our post-graduate surveys, counselors in the four undergraduate schools survey students on their summer employment/activity, and we glean a great deal of information about interesting internships and summer options.

The results of our surveys are posted on our Web site by school.