Four-Year Plan for Undergraduates

First-Year: Awareness

  1. Check out the Career Exploration/Discovery section of the Career Services website.
  2. Get involved in on-campus activities that interest you.
  3. Talk to faculty members, upperclassmen, family, and friends to help you choose a potential major.
  4. Take the SIGI-3 online Self-Assessment and meet with a Career Counselor to create a tentative action plan.
  5. Register on PennLink to learn about internship opportunities.

Sophomore: Exploration

  1. Volunteer, join student organizations, seek interesting part-time and summer jobs.
  2. Write or update your Resume
  3. Attend Career Services workshops to learn about potential careers from alumni and employer contacts.
  4. Use SIGI-3 and other career exploration tools to research job descriptions, skills, requirements.
  5. Explore study-abroad options.
  6. If you have not already, register on PennLink, Career Services online job and internship search system, iNet, and internship database that is part of a consortium of 11 selective universities across the country to offer a greater variety of opportunities.
  7. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss academic requirements and finalize choice of major.

Junior: Experience

  1. Do an Internship (or two!)
  2. Network at Career Fairs and Information Sessions throughout the year.
  3. Participate in On Campus Recruiting (Jan/Feb for internships), if interested in relevant career fields (finance, consulting, etc.)
  4. Get involved with a professional association in your field of interest (discounted student rate).
  5. Attend Career Services workshops on networking, interviewing, job searching, grad school prep, resume/cover letter writing and more.
  6. Continue to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through extra-curriculars.
  7. Update your Resume and get it critiqued by Career Services.
  8. Do Informational Interviews with alumni and family friends to explore career paths within your field of interest
  9. Consider if Graduate School is the right choice for you.

Senior: Transition

  1. Do an(other) Internship
  2. Research potential employers through PennLink, Vault, Wetfeet and other Career Library resources.
  3. If attending grad school, prepare applications and required materials.
  4. Do Mock Interviews.
  5. Participate in On Campus Recruiting, (primarily Sept/Oct for full-time jobs)  if interested in relevant career fields (finance, consulting, etc.)
  6. Start job searching/interviewing 6-9 months prior to graduation.
  7. Utilize the Career Services website for Job Search Resources
  8. Perfect your Resume and learn how to write a Cover Letter
  9. Upload your Resume to PennLink.
  10. Create a Networking Contact List and a Job Search Plan.
  11. Attend Career Fairs throughout the year.
  12. Complete the Career Plans Survey when you know what your next step will be.