Applications for PennCORP Participants will open in Spring 2015.

Applications for penncorp student leaders are live! Applications are due at 10 AM on Friday, april 24th. see more information here.

See who's going to be running PennCORP this year! Meet the 2015 Programming Interns here.

PennCORP is a pre-orientation program offered to 40 incoming freshman that strives to introduce students to the historical, social and political perspectives on the Philadelphia area and highlight the vibrant, culturally rich aspects of the community. 

PennCORP introduces students to Philadelphia through community service projects, interactive workshops and reflections, and social activities.   More specifically, PennCORP works to stimulate student interest in some of the challenges present in an urban community, with an emphasis on how those issues play a role within the city of Philadelphia.  Challenging participants' perceptions of the university and West Philadelphia, while creating a forum for exposure to and discussion about social issues, PennCORP provides a unique and exciting experience for students interested in becoming involved with the local Philadelphia community during their time at Penn.

The program is led by Penn students who were past participants of PennCORP and/or who have served as student leaders in community service and social advocacy activities during their time at Penn.  To learn more about PennCORP and how to apply please see the Penn Pre-Orientation website.