Civic House and CHAC offers students and student groups a variety of resources that support group sustainability and responsible community engagement.

What are some of the specific resources available to CHAC recognized groups?-Priority Eligibility for the CHAC Fund
-Priority room reservations for Civic House meeting and event spaces
-Funding to support transportation needs of group
-Staff advisor and CHAC Exec liaison assigned to and available for your group
-Free copies (100 copies/week limit)
-Fall recruitment fair open exclusively to CHAC groups
-Advertising and Publicity
-Trainings and workshops geared to the needs of CHAC group leaders and members
-Networking and Collaboration opportunities
-Resource Guides on event planning, fundraising and more!

Important Documents

From Civic House

  • Funding  Resource Guide
  • New Group Application (Will be available Spring 2015)
  • CHAC Executive Board Application *Will be available Fall 2014)