Civic House Philadelphia Nonprofit Internship Program

Applications for Fall 2015 are now open!



The Civic House Philadelphia Nonprofit Internship Program aims to further the missions of Philadelphia nonprofit organizations by providing funds to University of Pennsylvania undergraduate students to support summer-long and academic year-long internships at community organizations.

In addition to providing valuable capacity building support to each organization, the program also offers students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in a meaningful nonprofit professional experience. The Civic House Philadelphia Nonprofit Internship Program enables students to learn more about the nonprofit sector, as well as participate in the Philadelphia community in a productive and meaningful way.

For this upcoming 2015-2016 year, Civic House will partner with nine community partner organizations.

Fall/Spring Expectations: Once a student has accepted an internship, they will be expected to:
� Work 10 hours a week throughout the semester at their assigned nonprofit organization
� Attend weekly professional development meetings at Civic House
� Attend an individual check-ins with Civic House staff
� Complete an end-of-internship reflection/evaluation
� Plan Public Interest Career workshops in collaboration with Civic House staff

Summer Expectations: Once a student has accepted an internship, they will be expected to:
� Work 30 hours a week throughout the summer at their assigned nonprofit organization
� Attend bi-weekly professional development meetings at Civic House
� Attend an individual mid-summer check-in with Civic House staff
� Complete an end-of-internship reflection/evaluation
� Plan Public Interest Career workshops in collaboration with Civic House staff

Summer 2015 Interns

Aquinas Center Intern - Emily Grablutz (C'16)

Aquinas Center is seeking a Food and Folklore Intern to develop and support programming around our Multicultural Community Garden, which serves as an outdoor space for English language learning (ELL) for K-8 students, engages these students and outside visitors in community building activities, and celebrates the diversity of their multicultural, multilingual heritage in a way that all people share: through food. The Food and Folklore Intern will work with an ELL teacher and other educators (along with the center's director) to design curriculum, evaluation tools, and social media content on the following topics: Nutrition, food justice, food culture, cooking, and food/cultural festivals associated with planting and harvest. The intern will manage volunteer records, track participation, and help supervise volunteers. Intern candidates must have child abuse clearances prior to the start of the internship and attend a Safe Environment training on site. Aquinas Center is located in South Philadelphia and has a mission to build unity in diversity, support learning, and inspire thoughtful action.

Art-Reach Intern - Diana Zhou (C'18)

Art-Reach connects people that have disabilities and/or economic disadvantages with cultural activities that they would not otherwise easily experience without assistance. The Community Engagement Intern will receive experience in overall arts administration, Art-Reach program delivery, general project management, mobilizing community, marketing, database entry/analysis, website upkeep and events that raise awareness and funds for Art-Reach activities. Candidates will focus on programs such as the ACCESS Admission and Ticketing Programs as well as the development activities that support these programs. The long standing Ticketing Program also consistently serves more than 10,000 people annually. Under the supervision of the Art-Reach staff and in partnership with various community organizations, this unique opportunity will provide meaningful experiences and provide opportunities to receive professional development training. The internship will take place in an office setting, working alongside staff at a small non-profit organization as well as field work.

Bread & Roses Community Fund Intern - Peter Thacher (C'17)

Bread & Roses Community Fund raises money to provide grants, leadership development, and capacity building for community based organizations in the Philadelphia Region that are taking collective action to bring about social change. The Civic House program intern will support the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Barbara Smith Community School (BSCS), a series of workshops and facilitated discussions that Bread & Roses hosts for our grantees and the larger community of social justice activists and movement leaders. The Civic House program intern will also provide support for planning, publicizing, and coordinating key organizational events. Finally, through the course of their work, and as part of Bread & Roses' Service Learning Program, the Civic House program intern will have the opportunity to learn about core principles of community organizing and philanthropy.

Interfaith Center Intern - Antonia Diener (C'16)

This internship focuses upon the Interfaith Center's program for teenagers called Walking the Walk. The intern will be involved in program planning and implementation, fine-tuning our existing Curriculum Guidebook, creating promotional materials to recruit students, updating the Center's website and Facebook Page with youth stories and photos, and staffing the program's Alumni Leadership Team. The intern will also assist in the preparation and leading of a mini-retreat for female Walking the Walk alums and their mothers/grandmothers and preparing for a college essay writing workshop for our alumni in high school. We are seeking an intern who understands the needs and interests of teenagers, is both creative and detail-oriented, and values working in a setting that promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation.

LIFT Intern - Sarah Poehlmann (E'17)

Member Service Advocates will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of Philadelphia community members while learning about local domestic poverty issues. Advocates work one-on-one with LIFT's clients, called Members, towards goals such as finding employment, securing safe and stable housing, making ends meet through public benefits and tax credits, and obtaining quality referrals for services like childcare and healthcare. In addition to conducting direct service, Advocates are also responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of LIFT. We look for individuals who are passionate about community development and are committed to LIFT's anti-poverty mission. Qualified applicants have strong leadership and interpersonal skills and are committed to LIFT's mission and core values.

Mayor's Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity Intern - To be named in Fall 2015

The Mayor's Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity seeks students who are organized, hardworking, self-motivated, and excellent writers to help support Shared Prosperity Philadelphia, the citywide anti-poverty plan. This work includes performing research and writing memos for the development of new policies and positions and the implementation of programs for the City administration, particularly in the areas of job training, benefits enrollment, early childhood development, housing, and financial empowerment. Former interns have coordinated efforts to improve educational outcomes using digital technology; led focus groups on increasing access to social services with soup kitchen meal guests; researched and documented the state of summer youth programs in Philadelphia; developed strategies to mitigate the effects of state cuts to public benefits; and identified best practices for combating issues of food access.

Nationalities Services Center Intern - Bridget Amoako (C'17)

NSC Social Services Department offers opportunities for interns to work with our Resettlement Team, Refugee Health Team, Employment Team, and Philadelphia Partnership Resiliency (PPR) team during the summer period. The intern will be assigned to one or two teams during the summer based on their interests and NSC's need. The intern will learn about social welfare programs available to refugees in Pennsylvania and will gain the opportunity to apply their skill set in assisting clients in navigating complex systems and advocating on their behalf. During their first month, the intern will participate in trainings and orientations, shadow staff, and read educational materials. During the second month, the intern will take over tasks and be expected to complete tasks independently. At the third month, the intern will update the current NSC intern instructions, guidelines, and resources through their experience and help to maintain a minimum intern level knowledge base. The next section offers detailed program overviews for each team assignment.

Philadelphia Legal Assistance Intern - Bryan Rodriquez (C'18)

Philadelphia Legal Assistance ("PLA") is a non-profit organization providing free legal services to low-income individuals and families. PLA's Family Law Unit provides assistance in matters pertaining to child custody, child and spousal support, protection from abuse, and divorce. Our Civic House Intern will be responsible for interviewing new clients to identify their legal issues, and providing support to those clients, including giving legal advice (under attorney supervision); preparing pleadings for filing in court; and assisting clients in representing themselves effectively. The Civic House Intern will also have the opportunity to directly assist attorneys in the Family Law Unit with their litigation work; observe court proceedings; participate in community outreach and education; and assist with the Family Law Unit's many special projects, most of which center on our core areas of concern: family and intimate partner violence, and sexual assault. This position is ideal for a candidate interested in law, social work, or any other direct service field, and/or who is passionate about serving survivors of violence, including children.

Public Citizens for Children and Youth Intern - Raheem Veal (C'17)

Public Citizens for Children and Youth is offering an Education Policy & Advocacy Internship to support the Campaign for Fair Education Funding and related policy and advocacy projects. This is an opportunity for a highly motivated undergraduate to build an expertise in the field of education policy and simultaneously to learn how to organize and carry out effective advocacy campaigns. The internship will be hosted by Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY), the leading advocacy organization for children in Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Questions? Contact:

Elizabeth Cannon

Associate Director, Civic House