CIVIC HOUSE Room Reservation Information

Civic House  Hours of Operation

Monday9am- 9:50pm
Tuesday9am- 9:50pm
Wednesday9am- 9:50pm
Thursday9am- 7:50pm
Friday9am- 4:50pm
Sunday4pm- 9:50pm

To reserve a room at Civic House, follow these steps:

  1. Rooms in Civic House are available for reservation by students, staff and faculty at Penn as well as our non-profit partner organizations for programs and events which align with the mission of Civic House.*  CHAC groups and other groups that are housed in Civic House will receive priority with reserving rooms. Review the nature of your proposed meeting and make sure it complies with our reservation eligibility guidelines.
  2. Select a room that adequately holds the expected attendance for your meeting. Click on the room names for a detailed description of the room, including its capacity.
  3. Click here to complete a room reservation request form. Once completed, your reservation is not scheduled until you receive an email confirmation.  Please note that it may take up to 2-3 business days to process your reservation.  If you need to reserve space and cannot wait 2-3 days, please call 215-898-4831.

Of the following facilities, the living room, the seminar room, and the conference room are available (subject to availability) for reservation to nonprofit organizations and community groups:

First Floor

 Seminar_Room_for_web.jpg Conference_Room_for_web.jpg Kitchen_for_web.jpg

Living Room

Seminar Room

Conference Room


Second Floor

Civic House Staff Offices

Third Floor

 Tutor_Resource_Room_for_web.jpg Social_Justice_Room_for_web.jpgChildrens_Reading_Room_for_web.jpg Student_Groups_Office_for_web.jpg

Tutor Resource Room

Social Justice Library

Children's Reading Room

Student Group Office