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Pamela Edwards, M.A., Director / 215-898-6440 /

Pamela Edwards has worked with college students for over 20 years and has always felt very fulfilled by her career choice.  The most rewarding aspect of Pam's job is watching incoming students blossom into mature, confident adults who are extremely passionate about making their mark on the world. To be able to witness this transformation is truly exciting and is what motivates Pam to continue to do the work that she does. Pam holds a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Student Affairs in Higher Education.

Diane Davis, Administrative Assistant / 215-898-6440 /

A native of North Philadelphia, Diane brings vibrancy and efficiency to the PENNCAP office. This is Diane's 25th year as a dedicated member of the PENNCAP family, and she has provided invaluable time and support to both staff and students.  Diane claims to be a modest cook, but when she's up to the task, she makes a mean shrimp rotini!  What keeps her coming back every year is the family environment and strong sense of community PENNCAP inspires.  Diane loves working with students and cherishes her collection of graduation photos which past students have given her, conveying their accomplishments and appreciation for PENNCAP.

Faith Hamilton, M.A., Academic Counselor / 215-898-6440 /

As an academic counselor, Faith Hamilton loves to be involved with her students on both a personal and professional level. She truly enjoys coaching her students and, for Faith, that means encouraging them to maximize their opportunities and to take full advantage of the resources available to them at Penn.  Faith urges her students to apply themselves wholeheartedly as they face the academic demands of an Ivy League institution.  Faith earned her Master's degree in Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Previously, Faith worked as an academic advisor at Temple University for five years, and has worked in the PENNCAP office for 13 years. Faith and her husband pride themselves on being the parents of a 16-year-old son, who shares with them a passion for Penn Basketball and Penn Cheerleading.

Jessica Lee MacLeod, M.S.Ed., Academic Counselor / 215-898-6440 /

Jessica Lee MacLeod serves as an advocate and coach for students during their academic journey. She has had the pleasure of working at Penn for the past few years, previously at The Tutoring Center and most recently as a counselor for the Educational Talent Search Program. In addition to working with students, Jessica loves racquet sports, philosophical fiction, and trips to the ocean with family and friends. Jessica graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in English. She earned an M.S.Ed. in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania, where she focused on diversity in American higher education.

Theresa Suriano, Ph.D., Academic Coordinator / 215-898-6440 /

As Academic Coordinator of PENNCAP for 11 years, Dr. Theresa Suriano approaches all her work with students as an opportunity for intellectual nurturing. Within her career, Theresa has served as a college instructor, administrator, academic advisor, tutor, and writing specialist. In 1998 she earned her Ph.D. in Renaissance Literature from Penn's Department of English.  While completing her doctorate after a long pause from grad school to raise her son, Theresa gained an appreciation for academic challenges from both sides of the desk. Given that her doctoral research was interdisciplinary, and joyously so, Theresa renders academic support in a similar spirit: urging students to find conceptual connections throughout all of their learning. An Italian-American New Yorker who's now very fond of Philadelphia, Theresa remains a staunch resident of the world of ideas, resolutely convinced that the pen is mightier than the sword, and nurtures herself with Shakespeare, Beethoven, Cezanne, John Donne, William Golding, Train, good films, and good conversation.