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    Calm Clarity

    Calm Clarity will help you manage stress, think clearly, and be more effective and creative! This particular event is aimed at first-generation and/or low-income college students, with emphasis on developing leadership skills and a supportive community. Register HERE! Sat. Oct. 22 2016 | 5PM | Penn

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    Library Resource Initiative

    Penn Libraries is pleased to announce the new Library Resource Liaisons Program. Library Resource Liaisons are undergraduate students who are specially trained to support you in your use of the many resources you can access here at the Libraries. You can find your Library Resource Liaisons at the GIC and the Arch.

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    FGLI Grand Opening!

    Join us to celebrate the new FGLI Program at the GIC! FGLI supports and honors the accomplishments of students who are first-generation and/or low-income at Penn. RSVP HERE. Thu. Oct. 27 2016 | 5PM | GIC

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    Pymetrics is a recruiting company that leverages neuroscience and data science to help match candidates to their best fit careers. Learn more HERE.


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