Video Library

Video Category Available
1995 Martin Luther King Town Meeting Program African-American Yes
30 Days: Episode 1-3 Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
4 Little Girls African-American Yes
500 Years Later African-American Yes
A Son's Sacrifice Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
A Time for Justice African-American Yes
A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom African-American Yes
a.k.a. Don Bonus Asian-American Yes
Act of War Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Ad and the Ego, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Adelante Mujeres! Latino Yes
Africa Dreaming African-American Yes
Afrique, Je Te Plumerai (Africa, I Will Fleece You) Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
AIDS and the Native American Family Native American Yes
Aime Cesaire: Une Voix Pour L' Histoire: L'ile Veilleuse (The Vigilant Island) PART I Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Aime Cesaire: Une Voix Pour L'Histoire - Au Rendez-Vous De La Conquete (Where the Edges of Conquest) Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Aime Cesaire: Une Voux Pour L'Histoire - La Force De Regarder Demain (The Strength to Face Tomorrow) Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
All About My Mother Latino Yes
Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony African-American Yes
America in Black and White Reparations African-American Yes
America in Black and White Reparations African-American Yes
American Experience, The: Ida B. Wells - A Passion for Justice African-American Yes
American Sons Asian-American Yes
AmeriKKKa Under Siege Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Amistad African-American Yes
Amos N Andy African-American Yes
An American Love Story - VOLUME 1 Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
An American Love Story - VOLUME 2 Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
An American Love Story - VOLUME 3 Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
An American Love Story - VOLUME 4 Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
An American Love Story - VOLUME 5 Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Anderson Platoon, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Angano . . . Angano: Tales from Madagascar Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
At the River I Stand African-American Yes
Bad Harvest Latino Yes
Ballad of an Unsung Hero Latino Yes
Ballad of Gregorio Cortez, The Latino Yes
Bamboozled African-American Yes
Bandit Queen Native American Yes
Banished African-American Yes
Battle Royale Asian-American Yes
Before Night Falls Latino Yes
Before Stonewall Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Believer, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Bend it Like Beckham Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Beyond the Dream IV African-American Yes
Bird African-American Yes
Birthwrite: Growing Up Hispanic Latino-American Yes
Bits and Pieces Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Bittersweet Survival Asian-American Yes
Black Athena African-American Yes
Black Boy African-American Yes
Black by Popular Demand African-American Yes
Black in Latin America Latino-American Yes
Black is . . . Black Ain't African-American Yes
Black Panther and San Francisco State: On Strike African-American Yes
Black Panthers: Huey Newton Black Panther Newsreel African-American Yes
Black Theatre: The Making of a Movement African-American Yes
Blacks and Jews Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Bloods of 'Nam, The (Frontline) African-American Yes
Blue Collar & Buddha Asian-American Yes
Blue Eyed Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Born in East L.A. Latino Yes
Boycott African-American Yes
Boys Don't Cry Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Boyz N the Hood African-American Yes
Brazil Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Bread and Roses Latino Yes
Brick by Brick: A Civil Rights Story African-American Yes
Brincando el Charco Latino Yes
Brokeback Mountain Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Brother From Another Planet, The African-American Yes
Bruce Lee The Legend Asian-American No
Buena Vista Social Club Latino Yes
Buena Vista Social Club Latino Yes
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Native American Yes
Business of Fancydancing, The Native American Yes
Camelia Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Can't Jail the Revolution! & Break the Walls Down! African-American Yes
Carved In Silence Asian-American Yes
Casa de los BABYS Latino Yes
Cecil B. Moore African-American Yes
Celluloid Closet, The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Central Station Latino Yes
Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Cheyenne Autumn Native American Yes
Chicano Park Latino Yes
Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement Latino Yes
Children We Sacrifice, The Asian-American Yes
Chinatown: Immigrants in America Asian-American Yes
Christmas in the Clouds Native American Yes
Class Divided, A Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Color Adjustment African-American Yes
Color of Honor, The Asian-American Yes
Color of Olives, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Color of Olives, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Color Purple, The African-American Yes
Conscience and the Constitution African-American Yes
Constant Gardener, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Conversation with Alex Haley, A African-American Yes
Conversation with Alice Walker, A African-American Yes
Conversation with August Wilson, A African-American Yes
Conversation with Charles Johnson, A African-American Yes
Conversation with Gloria Naylor, A African-American Yes
Conversation with John Wideman, A African-American Yes
Crepusculo Latino Yes
Cuando Viajan Las Estrellas Latino Yes
Cuba: The Forgotten Island Latino Yes
Dancer in the Dark Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Daughter from Danang Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Death on a Friendly Boarder Latino Yes
Dim Sum Take-Out Asian-American Yes
Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart Asian-American Yes
Diwali Celebration Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Do the Right Thing African-American Yes
Dollar a Day, Ten Cents a Dance, A Asian-American Yes
Dolores Latino Yes
Dr. Strangelove Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Dream of Justice and Freedom with Hanan Ashrawi Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
East is East Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Eat a Bowl of Tea Asian-American Yes
Echoes of the Blue & Gray Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Education of Little Tree, The Native American Yes
El Corsario Negro Latino Yes
El Mariachi Latino Yes
Encounter Point Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Enhancing Race Relations on Campus: New Challenges & Opportunities Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Ethnic Notions African-American Yes
Europa Europa Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Eve's Bayou African-American Yes
Every Child is Born a Poet: The Life & Work of Piri Thomas Latino Yes
Eye of the Day Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Eyes on the Prize - American's Civil Rights Years African-American Yes
Eyes on the Prize II African-American Yes
Fade to Black African-American Yes
Family Across the Sea African-American Yes
Family Gathering, A Asian-American Yes
Family Thing, A Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Fast Runner, The Native American Yes
Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans African-American Yes
Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary Latino Yes
February One African-American Yes
Fidel: The Untold Story Latino Yes
Fight in the Fields, The: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers' Struggle Latino Yes
Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past for the Future Asian-American Yes
Fire Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Fish Hawk Native American Yes
Flyers in Search of a Dream Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Focus Philadelphia Project: Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Folklorico - Mexican American Folklore Dance Latino Yes
For My People: The Life and Writing of Margaret Walker African-American Yes
For The Rights Of All: Ending Jim Crown in Alaska Native American Yes
Forbidden City U.S.A. Asian-American Yes
Four Sheets to the Wind Native American Yes
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask African-American Yes
Frederick Douglass African-American Yes
Freedom on My Mind African-American Yes
Frida Latino Yes
From Here and This Side Latino-American Yes
From Swastika to Jim Crow Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Frontline: the Color of Your Skin Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Frosh: Student Identity on a Changing Campus Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Gentleman’s Agreement Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Geronimo and the Apache Resistance Native American Yes
Go For Broke Asian-American Yes
Goin' to Chicago African-American Yes
Good Bye Lenin! Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Good Bye Lenin! Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Goodbye Solo Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Gotta Make This Journey African-American Yes
Grapes of Wrath Native American Yes
Great Wall, A Asian-American Yes
Guanamera Latino Yes
Guimba the Tyrant Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
HAPA Asian-American Yes
Hate Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Have You Heard from Johannesburg? African-American Yes
Heart to Heart Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Heritage Native American Yes
Hidden Story: Confronting Colombia's Dirty War Latino Yes
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Hito Hata: Raise the Banner Asian-American Yes
Homecoming African-American Yes
Homes Apart: Korea Asian-American Yes
Hoop Dreams African-American Yes
Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World Native American Yes
How the West Was Lost: A Clash of Cultures/ I Will Fight No More Forever - Volume 1 Native American Yes
How the West was Lost: Always the Enemy/The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Indian - Volume 2 Native American Yes
How the West Was Lost:: A Good Day to Die/ Kill the Indian, Save the Man - Volume 3 Native American Yes
Hyenas Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
I Is a Long-Memoried Woman African-American Yes
I Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs African-American Yes
I Think I Love My Wife African-American Yes
I Will Fight No More Forever Native American Yes
Ida A Wells - A Passion for Justice African-American No
In a Time of Violence: Episode 1 - The Line Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
In a Time of Violence: Episode 2 - All on Edge Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
In a Time of Violence: Episode 3 - Fire with Fire Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
In America Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
In the Heart of Big Mountain Native American Yes
In the Heat of the Night African-American Yes
In the White Man's Image Native American Yes
In Whose Honor?: American Indian Mascots in Sports Native American Yes
Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Indians, Outlaws and Angie Debo Native American Yes
Inside Story: Black Polls/ White Press African-American Yes
Into the Arms of Strangers Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
It's Elementary Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Jackie Brown Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket African-American Yes
Japanese Relocation/Tale of Two Cities Asian-American Yes
Jazz Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Joy Luck Club, The Asian-American Yes
Juliana (Dark Latin Groove) Latino Yes
Jungle Fever Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Just Black? Multi-Racial Identity Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Keita Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Khush Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
King - Montgomery to Memphis African-American Yes
Kwaanza Celebration African-American Yes
La Bamba Latino Yes
La Familia Indigena Latino Yes
La Hija De Nadie Latino Yes
La Muerte Del Che Guevara Multicultural/Cross-Cultural No
La Rosa Blanca Latino Yes
Language You Cry In, The African-American Yes
Last Stand at Little Big Horn Native American Yes
Le Bouillon D'Awara (Aware Soup) Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Learning Tree, The African-American Yes
Lemon Grove Incident, The Latino Yes
Lemon Tree Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Letters to Thien Asian-American Yes
Life & Debt African-American Yes
Life is Beautiful Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Like Water for Chocolate Latino Yes
Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Liru Asian-American Yes
Living on Tokyo Time Asian-American Yes
Lone Star Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Los Hermanos Del Hierro Latino Yes
Los Mineros Latino Yes
Mako Asian-American Yes
Malcolm X African-American Yes
Malcolm X African-American Yes
Marcus Garvey African-American Yes
Maria Candelaria Latino Yes
Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream African-American Yes
Masala Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry, The African-American Yes
Matewan Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Matter of Respect, A: The Tlingit in a Modern Alaskan Town Asian-American Yes
Meeting David Wilson African-American Yes
Memories of Underdevelopment Latino Yes
Men of Bronze African-American Yes
Menace II Society African-American Yes
Mi Puerto Rico (Spanish) African-American No
Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle African-American Yes
Minorities Make a Difference in Journalism Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Miss India Georgia Asian-American Yes
Mississippi Burning African-American Yes
Mississippi Masala Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
MLK Jr. Program African-American Yes
Mohawk Girls Native American Yes
Monsoon Wedding Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Monsoon Wedding Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Motorcycle Diaries, The Latino Yes
Mo’ Better Blues African-American Yes
Muevete (Dark Latin Groove) Latino Yes
Munich Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Murder of Emmett Till, The African-American Yes
Music District, The African-American Yes
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
My Brown Eyes Asian-American Yes
My Family Latino Yes
My Feminism Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
My Son the Fanatic Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Natives - Immigrant Bashing on the Border Latino Yes
Navajo Film Themselves Native American Yes
Negro Soldier African-American Yes
Never Lose Sight of Freedom African-American Yes
New Muslim Cool Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
New Puritans, The: The Sikhs of Yuba City Asian-American Yes
Nisei Soldier Asian-American Yes
No Man’s Land Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Nubian Princess: Laila Belly Dancer African-American Yes
O Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Old Settler, The African-American Yes
On and Off the Res’ with Charlie Hill Native American Yes
Osama Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Other Side of Perfect Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Panther Panchali Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Paradise Now Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Paris is Burning Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Passion of the Christ, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Passion of the Christ, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Paul Robeson Centennial Series, The - Songs of Poems of Protest, Power & Praise African-American Yes
Paul Robeson in the Proud Valley and Jericho African-American Yes
Pianist, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Politics of Love, The: In Black and White Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Poverty Outlaw Multicultural/Cross-Cultural No
Power of One, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Powerless Politics Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Powwow Highway Native American Yes
Prince of Egypt Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Rabbit-Proof Fence Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Race Against Prime Time African-American Yes
Race the Power of an Illusion Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Racial Legacies and Learning: How to Talk About Race Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Racism 101 (Frontline) African-American No
Raisin in the Sun, A African-American Yes
Ray African-American Yes
Real Women Have Curves Latino-American Yes
Reel Injun Native American Yes
Remember the Titans African-American Yes
Requiem 29 Latino Yes
Revolution '67 African-American Yes
Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip African-American Yes
Ring, The Latino Yes
Rise in Campus Racism, The: Causes & Solutions Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Road to Brown, The African-American Yes
Roots in the Sand Asian-American Yes
Roots of Resistance: A Story of the Underground Railroad African-American Yes
Rouch in Reverse Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Russian Dolls Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Sa-i-gu Asian-American Yes
Sacred Ground Native American Yes
Salt of the Earth Latino Yes
Sambal Belacan in San Francisco Asian-American Yes
Sankofa African-American Yes
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning African-American Yes
Schindler's List Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
School Daze African-American Yes
School Ties Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Seasons of a Navajo Native American Yes
Selena Remembered Latino Yes
Seven Days in Bensonhurst (Frontline) African-American Yes
Seven Samurai, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Shades of Ray Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Shaft African-American Yes
Shallom Y’all Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Shattering the Silences: The Case for Minority Faculty African-American Yes
She's Gotta Have It African-American Yes
Shot Heard Round the World, The Asian-American Yes
Sikumi: On the Ice Native American Yes
Sin Nombre Latino-American Yes
Skin Deep Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Skin Game African-American Yes
Slanted Screen, The Asian-American Yes
Slaying the Dragon Asian-American Yes
Smoke Signals Native American Yes
Smokin' Fish Native American Yes
Snow Falling on Cedars Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Soapbox with Tom Cottle: Teenagers with Racism Multicultural/Cross-Cultural No
Something New Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Son of Africa, A: The Slave Narrative of Olaudah Equiano African-American Yes
Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American Jouney African-American Yes
Sounder African-American Yes
Spanglish African-American Yes
Spanish-American War, The: Crucible of Empire Latino Yes
Spirited Away Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Stand African-American Yes
Stand African-American Yes
Stand and Deliver Latino Yes
Standing on my Sisters' Shoulders African-American Yes
Standing on my Sisters' Shoulders African-American Yes
Stomp the Yard African-American Yes
Stormy Weather African-American Yes
Strange Demise of Jim Crow African-American Yes
Strange Fruit African-American Yes
Strawberry and Chocolate Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Street Game African-American Yes
Struggles in Steel: The Fight for Equal Opportunity African-American Yes
Sugar Cane Alley African-American Yes
Surviving Columbus: The Story of the Pueblo People Native American Yes
Survivors of the Holocaust Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Sweating for a T-Shirt Latino Yes
Taafe Fanga (Skirt Power) Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
That Rhythm, Those Blues African-American Yes
The Boondocks African-American Yes
The Color of Fear Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
The Jewish Americans Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
The Last King of Scotland African-American Yes
The Namesake Asian-American Yes
The Pinochet Case Latino Yes
The Take Latino-American Yes
Through the Door of No Return Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Time of Harvey Milk, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Tin Drum, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
To Be Seen and Heard 1991 African-American Yes
Tour '99 Latino Yes
Transgeneration Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Treaties Native American Yes
Trembling Before G-D Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Yes
Troubled Paradise Asian-American Yes
TRUDELL Native American Yes
U.S. Mexican War 1846 - 1848 (P 1 & 2) Latino Yes
Unforgivable Blackness African-American Yes
United Farm Workers of American - Latino Yes
Unwanted, The Asian-American Yes
Vaquero - The Forgotten Cowboy Latino Yes
Videos Produced by the Autonomous Municipalities of Los Altos, Chiapas Latino Yes
Viva La Causa English Latino Yes
Viva La Causa English Latino Yes
Viva Zapata! Latino Yes
Voices & Visions: Langston Hughes African-American Yes
Volver Latino Yes
W.E.B. DuBois: A Biography in Four Voices African-American No
Waiting to Exhale African-American Yes
Walk Through the 20th Century Second American Revolution, Part I African-American Yes
Walk Through the 20th Century Second American Revolution, Part II African-American Yes
Wash, The Asian-American Yes
We Can Get Along: A Blueprint for Campus Diversity African-American Yes
We Shall Overcome African-American Yes
We Shall Remain Native American Yes
We Shall Remain: America Through Native Eyes Native American Yes
Whale Rider Native American Yes
When Women Unite: The Story of an Uprising Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
When Worlds Collide Latino-American Yes
Who Killed Vincent Chin? Asian-American Yes
Whose Children are These? Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Wild Women Don't Have the Blues African-American Yes
Winds of Change: A Matter of Choice Native American Yes
Woman's Place, A Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
World of Apu, The Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
World of Piri Thomas Latino Yes
World of Suzie Wong, The Asian-American Yes
Wrath of Grapes, The Latino Yes
Y tu Mama Tambien African-American No
Yo Soy Latino Yes
Yo Soy Chicano Latino Yes
Young Voices from the Arab World: The Lives and Times of Five Teenagers Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Yes
Yuri Kochiyama Asian-American Yes
Zoned for Slavery Latino Yes
Zoot Suit Latino Yes
“Sipo” Native River Native American Yes