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Chestnut Hill College Fires Professor for being Out

Chestnut Hill College, a Catholic institution is Philadelphia, has fired a dedicated professor upon discovering his sexual orientation. George St James is an openly gay man who diligently taught theology at the local Chestnut Hill College. He enjoyed his position at CHC and is comfortable with his sexuality.  James is out to his parish, a church that allows diversity among its priests, in Blue Bell, PA and is in a committed, 15 year long relationship. His life was tremendously changed after receiving a letter of termination from the institution containing no explanation. As an out man who had been teaching for two years, this situation was very surprising and upsetting for him. His termination has enraged students and locals alike.

Chestnut Hill College, an institution that promotes diversity, released a statement claiming that when St James “decided to make his private life public,”  and that the information that the administrators discovered was “contrary to Roman Catholic teachings”. The school claims not to have known that St James was gay until reading his blog, which contained a post about his 15th anniversary with a same-sex partner. The school is also claiming that the fact that he is gay is not the reason why he was not offered a new contract with the school, but that his recent public statements (on the blog) “regarding his same-sex partnership are at odds with the beliefs and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church”. The college states later in this statement that “regardless of personal beliefs, all members of the college should respect and uphold our values”, alluding to the idea that they would only accept him if he were to keep himself closeted in order to appease the Church.

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Sadly, what the college did, though morally wrong, is legal in the state of Pennsylvania.  Check out these articles for information regarding sexual orientation and employment