The University hosts student group websites on the Dolphin server and student group e-mail accounts on the Zimbra platform. Web addresses are:

E-mail addresses are:

The UA and GAPSA will only pay for websites for their funded organizations, including SAC-recognized groups. Other organizations who want accounts will be charged $3/year for web space and/or $42/year for e-mail accounts. If your group is interested in setting up an account, contact Katie Hanlon Bonner at

See the instructions below for information you should know as an account manager and/or webmaster.

Group mail

Managing your Dolphin Webpage

Instructions are here.

Need Help Designing Your Website?

Groups have many options when it comes to designing their websites. They can code the sites themselves, use publishing tools such as Microsoft Publisher, use an online service, or hire a professional web developer.

One design agency in particular, Penn Student Design, a part of Penn Student Agencies, provides professional web design services to members of the Penn community. They are familiar with the Dolphin server and can work closely with your group to create a new website or to update your existing site.

To find our more information on Penn Student Design:

Click Here

Please note that OSA is not able to offer any web design advice.


Many groups use G.O.Penn to mail to their members. Others use free services such as gmail or googlegroups. A for-pay option also exists. Large lists can be managed using ISC's PennNet Mailing List service (these are lists to which individuals can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves, like the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior class lists). However, your group will be charged for these and SAC will not cover the costs. If you want to set up and pay for one, contact Amelia Carter.

Group E-mail  

Most groups use gmail or another free service to receive mail addressed to the group. However, organizations may pay $42 for a Penn account on the Zimbra server if they wish; contact Katie Hanlon Bonner for details.

For those who are not technically inclined, this is a lot of information. Don't hesitate to ask for help: Amelia Carter,