Any member of theUniversity community may start a new organization. However, you should checkthe listof registered groups in the G.O. Penn system (choose "StudentGroups" without logging in) before beginning the process in order to avoidextra work and unnecessary duplication. Prospective sport clubs should alsocontact the RecreationDepartment to find out about the availability of space and other resources.

There are two levels oforganizations: registered and recognized.


Any student-run club maybecome registered and get the benefitsof registration by registeringa new group in the G.O. Penn system.

Each group must provide astatement of purpose(mission statement) and a description of criteria formembership. In addition, 3 members of the executive board must be included inthe registration form including the President(or position equivalent); VicePresident(or position equivalent) and Treasurer(or position equivalent). TheUniversity does not approve or disapprove student groups. However, all groups areexpected to comply with Universityrules and policies.


Recognized groups receiverecognition from the Student ActivitiesCouncil (SAC). The process applies to undergraduate groups only.

If a club with a similarpurpose is already recognized by SAC, you should get in touch with the contactperson for that organization; often it is easier for you to work within thepre-existing organization. When it is impossible to set up a subgroup orsubcommittee within the group, you may need to strike out on your own but youshould bear in mind that if SAC recognition is your ultimate goal, your group'spurpose must be sufficiently different to make it unique.

The full process for SACRecognition can be found hereat

If you have any questionsinvolving the process for new group recognition, please contact the SACRecognition Director at

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