More Information

Aug. 22-25

PennCORP, PennQuest, PENNacle, PENNarts, PENNgreen

Civic House, Student Affairs, Platt House

Aug. 25

NSO begins

NSO & Academic Initiatives

Aug. 25-29

Opening Exercises and Freshman Convocation

President's Office

Aug. 30

First day of classes

Sept. 6
Fall Activities Fair 5pm-8pm
Sept. 17
Skimmer Fest (Dartmouth)
SPEC, Class Boards, Athletics
Oct. 6-9
Fall Break

Sept.30-Oct. 2

Fall Leadership Weekend

Student Affairs

Oct. 14-16

Family Weekend (Yale)

Student Affairs

Oct. 28-29

Homecoming (Princeton)

Alumni Relations, Student Affairs

Nov. 24-27

Thanksgiving break

Dec. 12

Last day of classes

Dec. 13-14

Reading days

Dec.  15-22

Final exams

Dec.  22

Winter break begins

Jan. 11

First day of classes

Jan 15

Spring Activities Fair


Jan. 16


Feb. 10-12

Spring Leadership Retreat

Student Affairs

Mar. 4-12

Spring Break

Apr. 21-22

Spring Fling

SPEC, Student Affairs

Apr. 26

Last day of classes

Apr. 27

Hey Day (C'2018) & Final Toast (C'2017)

Student Affairs, Penn Traditions

Apr. 27-29

Penn Relays


Apr. 27-28

Reading Days

May 1-9

Final Exams

May 8-12

Senior Week

Student Affairs, C'2017

May 13

Ivy Day

Student Affairs

May 13

Alumni Day

Alumni Relations

May 14


Chaplain's Office

May 15


Office of the Secretary