Financial Forms

The OSA Guide to Financial Procedures explains how to spend student government money once it is allocated to your organization.

  • C-1 Form
    To report Travel and Entertainment expenses for individuals not affiliated with Penn only
  • Performance Contract
    Use for individuals speaking or performing or agencies providing speakers or performers when they don't supply their own contract.

  • Petty Cash Reimbursement
    To report any expenses for reimbursement, $35 or less
  • W-9 Form
    To pay individuals not affiliated with Penn or companies, reimbursements and payments

  • W-8BEN
    To pay non-US citizens with out a social secuity number who are not affiliated with Penn.
  • Travel and Expense Reimbursement
    To report any expenses for reimbursement for University affiliates, over $35.  These all go through Concur,* the University's
    new reimbursement system. 


The University has a new system for reporting expenses for reimbursement called Concur.

Go to to create an expense report after submitting the Travel and Expense Reimbursement form to your Financial Advisor.  All instructions are available on that website.

Helpful Tips for Navigating Concur:

Student Guide to File for a Reimbursement

How to Fix a Rejected Expense Report

How to Videos to Fill Out Reports

Penn Travel Website

University Policies

The PennBook contains important policies relating to extracurricular activities. Of special note are:

Additional Relevant Policies