Tuesday, August 19


Move into your College House residence for the year

6:00 pm

Dinner with staff and other participants

6:45 pm

Get acquainted, Penn traditions, scavenger hunt

 (Participants will sleep in their college house rooms on the first night of the program.)

Wednesday, August 20

8:30 am


9:00 am

Leave for Diamond Ridge Conference Center in Jamison, PA

10:30 am on

Activities, free time, meals

Thursday, August 21

All day

Initiative games, workshops, network, meals

Friday, August 22

9:00 am

Breakfast and wrap-up

11:30 am

Return to Penn early afternoon

Friday, August 22

New Student Orientation begins.
Students should note that you will arrive on campus in time to participate in any student orientation programs. The activities that are happening before you arrive back from PENNacle are geared to parents and families of new Penn students.

Wednesday, August 27

Fall semester classes begin

For additional information, please contact Rodney Robinson in the Office of Student Affairs at (215) 898-5339.