Services of the Student Affairs Office

Office of Student Affairs staff members perform the following specific functions for all graduate and undergraduate students, as well as for other members of the University community:

Advise the undergraduate student activities program, coordinating the functions of the Student Activities Council and its 220 member organizations as well as an additional 250 registered groups.

Administer the budget allocation, financial processes, and bookkeeping for graduate and undergraduate activities and for several other University Life departments.

Serve as administrative liaison to all branches of the undergraduate student government.

Advise the Social Planning and Events Committee, the Class Boards and other groups in the creation of campus-wide social programming and annual events such as Spring Fling, Fall Fest, Homecoming, Hey Day and Ivy Day.

Coordinate campus-wide leadership training programs for all interested students and assist with workshops for individual groups and departments.

Organize and implement the PENNacle Pre-orientation program for the incoming first-year class.

Encourage diversity within and outreach across the membership of student groups.

Consult regularly with student organizations and individuals in order to represent their views to the Vice Provost for University Life, other administrators and faculty.

Make referrals to appropriate services and, wherever possible, assist individual students in resolving problems with University policies, systems or procedures.

Plan and implement Family Weekend.

Assist the VPUL and other departments in the development of policies and resources which address campus issues; ensure that Risk Management and other University policies are understood and followed by student organizations.

Implement policies on the use of Locust Walk and other outside areas by student groups and individuals.

Coordinate student organization access to the Internet, including accounts on the Dolphin server, web pages, listservs and other online services.

Coordinate office and storage space use by student groups in campus locations.