Billing & Payment

University and University-sponsored organizations will be required to provide a 26-digit University account number prior to the event. Once the charges have been finalized, an invoice detailing the actual charges will be sent to the organization's representative (or budget administrator) listed on the reservation form. All event charges will be billed to the account number provided by the organization.

If substantial costs are estimated for an event, the Perelman Quadrangle and VPUL Performing Arts Facilities reserves the right to bill the total estimated cost to the University account number prior to the event.

Student organizations are responsible for ensuring that their budget contains sufficient funds to cover the cost of the event.

University organizations without an account number and non-University organizations must pay the estimated charges for their event at least ten business days in advance. Payment may be made in cash, with a money order or with a cashier's check. If payment is made with a personal or corporate check, the check must be received at least two weeks prior to the event. Payment for event services may also be made with VISA, MasterCard, ATM card, credit card or American Express.

If all estimated charges are not paid in advance under the conditions outlined above, the event will be cancelled.

If the actual event charges exceed the estimated charges, the organization will be billed for the remaining balance. Payment must be made in full within thirty days of the billing date on the invoice or the organization will lose reservation privileges for the buildings until the account has been settled. A second invoice will be mailed at that same time and if payment is not made in full within thirty days of the billing date on the second invoice, all upcoming events for that organization will be canceled and reservation privileges will not be reinstated until the account has been settled.

Past due balances (and reservation status) will be carried over from year to year even if the leadership of the organization has changed.