Cancellation Procedures

There are several cancellation/ no show procedures that must be followed depending on your reservation. A failure to do so may result in charges associated with your event as scheduled.

  • All cancellations must be submitted via our website For events staffed by, but not limited to, the Perelman Quad, University Housekeeping, SpectaGuard or Penn Police, the organization must cancel in writing at least five business days prior to the event. Any organization that fails to cancel at least five business days prior to event may be subject to all staffing charges associated with the event. Any "no show" concerning the guidelines above will be charged accordingly.
  • Telephone cancellations must be made during normal business hours with the Event Planner, Administrative Assistant and/or the Scheduling Coordinator of the Perelman Quadrangle.
  • The larger rooms in Perelman Quad (i.e. Hall of Flags, Bodek, Class of 49' Auditorium) will be governed by the following:
    • Groups that have reservations in these rooms will be contacted on the 15th of the month prior to the event. At this time they must provide information about the nature of the event and give details on the event. If this information cannot be given in one week's time of reservation will be cancelled.
    • The Perelman Quadrangle will make every effort to keep track of the groups that requested these specific rooms so they may be the recipients of the unexpected openings.
    • There will be a cancellation/ no show fee of $50.00 per room for groups holding rooms not cancelling in the time noted above. There will be a two time " violation grace period" before groups start being charged.