Claudia Cohen Hall

With a medium-sized multipurpose room, an auditorium, and an exhibit area all on the same floor, Cohen Hall is an event planner's dream. If the reservable spaces in Cohen Hall cannot accommodate your entire event, breakout rooms are available across the plaza in Williams Hall. Historic Houston Hall, with its wealth of charming special event space, is only a few steps away.

G17 Class of 1969 Lecture Room

G14 Class of '55 Terrace Room

Cohen G17 Class of 1969 Lecture Room is a state-of-the-art lecture hall with comfortable, fixed, tiered, tablet arm seating for 275. With three projection screens, every seat has a virtually unobstructed view of any presentation, award ceremony or special meeting. The Cohen Hall Terrace Room is the premier multipurpose space on campus because of its convenient location, moderate size, flexible furniture arrangements and audio-visual equipment.

G01 Fox Art Gallery

G18 Schneidman Lobby

The Bob and Penny Fox Art Gallery serves primarily as an exhibit space for University students, faculty, and staff artists. Intimate and sub-dividable, the gallery features customized hanging equipment and track lighting.

Schniderman Lobby is a beautiful accent as a registration area or reception area when using the other rooms of Claudia Cohen.