Video & Multimedia

Our video and web services can help you do anything, from promotion to direction, production to presentation. Whether you have a conference of 1,000 thousand people or a small intimate gathering of friends, we know what it means to create impact. We want to help you create a story that unfolds before the audience, enticing them to participate in your brand, your cause, or your product – always with perfect timing and taste. We have the expertise to achieve the results and the technical wherewithal to execute at any time, in all of the venues at the Perelman Quad.


Single Camera Acquisition

Capture the moment.

Single presenter at a podium
Small meeting
Focus group
Training seminar

Our team of designers, producers and directors have collectively logged thousands of hours capturing, creating and producing custom video, print, and multimedia that can capture the attention of your audience. All too familiar with the venues at the Quad, the team coordinates themselves, so you don't have to.


Multi-Camera Acquisition

Sharing is good.

Multiple presenters
Panel discussions
Audience interaction

Using innovative techniques to achieve strategic goals, define brand foundations and deliver powerful brand encounters, Perelman Quadrangle Multimedia works seamlessly between industries providing continuity, cohesion and structure for every contact point you have with your audience or guests. From content streaming to mobile technologies and applications, Perelman Quadrangle Multimedia offer services that can give you more than a better bottom line or unique event experience.


Powerpoint & Interactive

Know-how for hire.

Power point content
Video or DVD playback
Web demonstrations

Providing best practice consultation for instructional media, our team is able to assist you in learning to operate or manage equipment as well as produce instructional materials. Support can help you research, prepare, produce and present your information. Depending on the need, support can be provided on premises or remotely.