Donors & Gifts

Donors & Gifts

Many of the Perelman Quadrangle facilities have been made possible by the generous donations of individuals and organizations in the University of Pennsylvania community. The Perelman Quadrangle renovation, which took place in 2001, was made possible by Ronald O. Perelman W'64, WG'66.

Houston Hall

Ben Franklin Room Class of 1972
Bishop White Room Class of 1968
Bistro Class of 1970
Brachfeld Room William M. Brachfeld W'55 and Jane Brachfeld
Class of 1949 Auditorium Class of 1949
Class of 1947 Room Class of 1947
Class of 1966
Reading Room
Class of 1966
Dining Area Class of 1964 and Parents of the Class of 1998
(Game Room)
Class of 1973
Golkin Room Donna O'Hara Golkin WG'77 and Perry Golkin W'74, WH'74, L'78
Griski Room Vincent Griski W'85, in honor of his parents, Lois Ann and Vincent J. Griski
Lobby Class of 1967
Lobby Lounge Class of 1957
Morris Seitz
Memorial Room
Judith Rodin CW'66 in memory of her father, Morris Seitz W'30
Office of Student Life Estate of Mildred Effron, in honor of her husband, Benjamin Effron C'33, children, Kathe Effron Browne CW'70, Morris Brown C'70 and grandchildren, Jennifer Brown C'00 and Mark Brown
Platt Rehearsal Room Julie Beren Platt C'79 and Marc Platt C'79
Rein Family Room Denice Helman Rein CW'69, Nicole Rein C'98 and Alexander Rein C'02, in honor of Gilbert Helman W'36 and his wife Joy Helman
Student Activities Areas Class of 1991, 1992 and 1997 Senior Gifts
Student Lounge Class of 1996 Senior Gift
Undergraduate Student Government Office Aimee Martucci McLean W'80 and Stephen McLean W'79, WG'80

Irvine Auditorium

G16 Alpert Meeting Room Kenneth M. Alpert W'72
Amado Recital Hall Dr. Ralph Amado, in memory of his wife, Carol Stein Amado
Café 58 Class of 1958
Curtis Organ Restoration William P. Brown WG'55
Emily Sachs Rehearsal Room Family and Friends in Memory of Emily Rachel Sachs C'98 and Class of 1998 Senior Gift
Plaza Class of 1954
Projection Booth Family and Friends in memory of David A. Vigderman

Claudia Cohen Hall

Classrooms Class of 1969 and Kenneth R. Levine W'85
Conference Room James Druckman W'69, in memory of his father, David Druckman W'38
Dean of
Freshman's Office
Class of 1958
Schneidman Lobby Richard Schneidman W'65, Marjorie Rosen Schneidman CW'66
and Amy Schneidman C'93
Seminar Room School of Arts and Sciences Board of Overseers, in honor of
Dean Rosemary Stevens
Stairway and Lobby Anonymous
Terrace Room Class of 1965

Outdoor Spaces

Admissions Walk Class of 1963
Class of 2000 Walk Class of 2000 Senior Gift
Landscaping Leslie Gorel Grossman CW'73 and Marc Grossman M'74 and Susan Weisner CW'74 and Robert Weisner C'74
Trees W. Reed Kinderman C'69
Wynn Commons Stephen A. Wynn C'63

Williams Hall

Silfen Student Study CenterDavid M. Silfen C'66 and Lyn Gordon Silfen