Most non-academic events scheduled are routine functions sponsored by student organizations and present minimal security needs. At times, however, security may be determined necessary. If this is the case, the cost of the security for these events will not be billed to the individual group. However, some student, and many departmental and partner functions, will request additional event security. Provisions for security under these circumstances will be at the expense of the sponsoring organization.

Security is also required at the expense of the organization when the event extends beyond established building hours. Building hours vary on week nights and most classroom buildings are closed on the weekend so security is generally required for week end events at the expense of the organization as well.

All non-University organizations will be charged for extra event security at the cost of the sponsoring organization.

Penn Police may be scheduled for events requiring additional security at the cost of the sponsoring organization.

Perelman Quadrangle and VPUL Performing Arts Facilities reserve the right to determine appropriate event security needs and to add additional security personnel at the organization's expense when necessary to ensure the safety of those in attendance and to ensure the security of the facility. Additional security will be brought in at the organization's expense while an event is in progress, if necessary. All events will function in full accord with security initiatives set forth by the Senior Planning Sub-Committee for Events Management.