Planning & Coordination

Our team is here for you and your event. With our knowledge and expertise, we effortlessly guide you through any event at Perelman Quadrangle. Our team can work alongside any planner to ensure event services, security, housekeeping, audio-visual rental, staffing and coordination needs are met in a timely manner to have a seamless, successful event.

Take your event's temperature.

The event discovery or pre-planning process is the roadmap to a successful event.

Planner Consultation

Once you have spent time thinking about the who, what, when, where, why and how of your event, you are ready for a tour! Touring the Perelman Quadrangle buildings and event spaces prior to planning is essential. You can make arrangements in advance with an event planner by contacting the Perelman Quadrangle Office at 215-898-5552. Since an event may be anything from an introductory meeting to a concert, film, conference, dance, or dramatic performance; when planning for your event, do not assume anything. Once you know what you want to do you can then begin tackling the logistics of making it happen.

Far from average AV options.

Our event support services can help you do anything from promotion to design to production to make your event a success.

Audio / Video Estimates
Planning Documentation

Whether you have a conference of hundreds or a small intimate gathering of friends, we know what it means to create impact. We want to help you create a story that unfolds before the audience, enticing them to participate in your brand, your cause,or your product -- always with perfect timing and taste. We have the expertise to achieve the results and the technical wherewithal to execute at any time; in all of the venues at the Perelman Quad. Contact us for the available services, how to arrange them, and information on related costs.

The Moment of Truth.

The day of your event is the moment of truth when everything comes together.

Building management
Customer Support

As the event host, you or a designated representative needs to be at the event from start to finish. No matter how much you plan, a few unexpected problems may arise and you might discover that you have a few last-minute details to resolve. Make sure you have at your fingertips the tools to solve any problems that may occur. Having volunteers or runners on hand is always a good idea because some problems can only be resolved away from the event site. Bring telephone numbers with you for anyone you may need to contact during the event. The building manager will introduce him/herself to the event host and can be contacted if needed at 215-399-6019. The manager may be working with an event in another building; however, he or she may be paged should you need assistance. All event charges will be billed to an account number provided by the VPUL or University organization.