Tickets & Attendance

Tickets are required for events taking place in Irvine Auditorium, Iron Gate Theater and Class of '49 Auditorium and must be ordered through your event coordinator or the Perelman Quadrangle main office. Tickets can also be obtained for other events in Perelman Quad facilities. When charging admission for an event, tickets must be used. Tickets can be sold in advance of the event or at the door. The total number of tickets available for each event shall be limited to the effective capacity of the particular location, allowing for predictable variation in attendance flow.

Ticket Printing

If you wish to sell tickets to your event in Perelman Quadrangle, you must fill out a request form. Upon completion of the form, please return it to the administrative offices in room 307 in Houston Hall. You may also fax it to 215-898-2143. Your event must already be scheduled for the request to be processed. The cost is $10 - $15 for the ticket processing fee and $0.13 - $0.15 for each ticket printed. Fill out request form


Wristbands are recommended for some events. This includes events where re-entry is a problem and the host wants to monitor attendance at the event. Wristbands can also be used to identify those patrons 21 years of age and over when alcohol is being served. Wristbands can be obtained by contacting the event coordinator and must be ordered in advance at an additional cost to the host.

Thank you for not Smoking

Be aware that smoking is not permitted inside any University building. It is the responsibility of the event host and other organizers to ensure that smoking does not occur at the event. Under no circumstances may smoke detectors or other fire safety devices be covered, wrapped, tampered with or damaged.

Bag Search

A bag search can be used to prohibit inappropriate material from entering an event. Bag searches are left to the discretion of the event host. If a bag search is requested for an event, the event coordinator must be contacted in advance.

To ensure safety, Perelman Quad escort must be used when moving cash from one location to another. Events where cash will be collected should be registered. Also, storage of large amounts of cash at an event should be avoided. The cash should be removed from the site as soon as possible.