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Into the Fling of Things!

Quaker Corner got a new name this year.  But it wasn't just the name that changed.  From the floorplan, to the management, to the products...our corner store is experiencing something of a renaissance.

When our managers decided to design some gear for fling, we thought it was inspired.  The products that followed did not fail to amaze...check out our neon tanks (American-made!) that will help any Penn student ring in the season in style.  And fanny packs too?  Now you never have to worry about losing your PennCard at the concert, because dancing to GirlTalk and staying responsible are no longer mutually exclusive!

Quaker Corner is not only making life easier for Penn Students, we're making it more colorful! 

Happy Fling y'all, come see us weekdays 10A-6P and experience all our other great products too!a11.jpg

Spring is for Birthdays!

Last Friday tons of vendors turned up to support the First Birthday of one of our most prolific student agencies, PennCycle!  On Rodin field we gathered to eat Jimmy John's, hang with Keswick Cycle, take funny photos at the oh snap! photo booth and sign up for bike plans!  The highlight of the day, however, was most definitely the delicious cupcakes baked by PennCycle's "B-Devs" (business developers).  They stayed up all night preparing for the birthday celebration and it paid off...what a fun day!  It even made the DP:



In other birthday news, our store is slowly launching a brand new care package initiative out of Quaker Corner:  Birthday Cake Deliveries!  Working with a fantastic local bakery, we'll be delivering insanely delicious cakes to Penn students on their birthday to give them a taste of home.  All the cool parents are signing up :)  Contact psaspecialdeliveries@gmail.com for more details!

As spring finally starts to settle in here at Penn, our new managers are reviving their agencies with new energy and it's so exciting to see!  The year is already off to a great start...PSA Love!

"By working faithfully eight hours a day...

...you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day." - Robert Frost

It's a very special day in Williams Hall and all across campus.  As thousands of students returned to class today after a relaxing spring break, our team of new, energetic managers took to leading their respective agencies.  After a month of training, our back office is now welcoming some new faces to its daily routine, and missing lots of old ones!

Congrats to our new and continuing managers, and here's to our retirees:  Jim, Eric, Brian, Phoebe, Elaine, Kate, Margaret, Jenny and Chris...thank you for everything you did for PSA, and don't forget us! 

Good luck to all our excellent managers in the year ahead...you're ready to be a boss!

PSA Love!

PS - check 'em out, pre and post pioneer face :)

"Come on ride the TRAIN, choo choo ride it!"

Happy February y'all!

Here at PSA, that means we're welcoming a fresh new team of managers and preparing to say goodbye to our seniors.  However, we get to spend the month of Love enjoying each other's company as the baton is passed over the four weeks known as MANAGER TRAINING!

This year our new managers are not only attending weekly training sessions, they're shadowing the departing managers for 1:1 experience on the job!  That means all kinds of excited conversation in the back office and board room, and lots of new faces milling about Quaker Corner, Williams and Schaye Cafes, and even tooling around on Golf Carts delivering water!  It's an exciting, emotionally charged time for sure.

That being said, it wouldn't be PSA without a little friendly competition.  This year we have two excellent teams of new managers training on different days of the week:  Team Beyonce, and Team Solange.  They'll be charting their training progress every week on their way to the ultimate goal:  the creation of an Annual Plan. 

Then, all that stands between them and the grand new Manager takeover is Spring Break!

So, let the games begin!  Take a look at Addie, below, who earned her first star on the competition board this morning after completing her first job shadowing! 

So, will the new managers be "bringing it on" (a la Solange) or "getting bodied" (a la B)?  Only February will tell.


Out with the old, in with the New Year!

Hello folks!  Happy New Year from all of us at Penn Student Agencies.  There is a LOT going on this January.  We are in the final process of interviewing new managers and, come February, we'll be training students to take over for our dear Seniors!

With all this change, it's exciting to have some new digs to enjoy.  Recently the office enjoyed a facelift when the back storage closet went through a drastic transformation...into a board room!  It's been a fantastic setting for interviews, classy staff meetings, and client interactions.  Next step:  decorations! 

Here's Quaker Corner's Phoebe and David duking it out in there today!

PSA is getting Hired UP!

Ever wanted to manage your own business?  Dreamt of being an entrepreneur?  Do you long for employment that

connects you to campus in a significant way?  Join PSA's all star team of Managers.  We're hiring for the 2013-2014

school year!  Join us for our info sessions this week, where we'll have a panel of managers discuss what it's like to work for PSA!

Our two dates for Info sessions are:
Nov. 30th at 5pm. ULounge. First floor Williams (right across from Williams Cafe)
Dec. 2nd at 4pm. Ben Franklin Room (2nd floor Houston)

PLUS you get one of these fancy pens!  See you then :)

Congrats to our employee of the month...

Charlie McClelland!

Who are you?
I'm Charlie McClelland! I'm a Philly native aspiring to be a manager here at PSA :)

What are you studying?
I'm a double major Political Science and Cultural Anthropology, with a possible minor in Latin American and Latino Studies!
What else are you involved with at Penn?
I'm a part of the Penn Glee Club and the Penn Pipers, two of the highest quality singing groups here at Penn. I do publicity for both groups and I'm also the Historian of the Glee Club, which is the oldest performing group on campus. Our Fall Show, 'Armageddon Ready' was this weekend!
What are some of your hobbies?
So many hobbies! Last year, I was on Penn's Varsity Track Team, and this year exercise is one of the 'hobbies' I spend the most time on. Sharing the top spot with that is nerdy board games, like Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Risk, Magic the Gathering, Ticket to Ride, etc., which I love to play! Other than those two, I love baking, biking, tennis, and playing piano.
What muscle groups has firstServices helped you develop?
...Have you seen the firstServices team? Our delivery men work hard and get big making life easy for our customers! Working for firstServices is a full body workout the develops everything from our legs to our shoulders and everything in between.
PSA is...?
My escape from the craziness of life at Penn. Between Glee Club and Pipers in addition to my double major, I need something that can let me take a step back and relax. And that is PSA.

You can always come home!

Well, the triple threat weekend of Homecoming, Hurricane, and Halloween is finally over, and while all provided some thrills and chills, I'd like to discuss the former.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending the evening with PSA students and alumni for a delicious dinner in Amado Hall in Irvine.  The Maggiano's was delicious, but more than anything, I felt motivated and energized by the PSA Pride in the room.  It was so fun to connect with some Alums and see the excitement on the current PSAers faces as they connected and bragged about what's going on in their agencies this year.  I also took immense pleasure in making a fun video for everyone to watch.  It pays homage to the time I've spent in this office and all the great friendships I've made and witnessed.  PSA is truly a special place, and I'm so glad to share it with everyone.  Enjoy!

"Ain't it a fine life, carrying the banner!"

Tomorrow, from 11-3, Penn Student Agencies employees will be spreading PSA love all over Locust Walk for the PennCycle and PSA KickOff!  Join them for giveaways and to discover the new name of the PSA Store...exciting stuff!

Check out Audrey, Phoebe, and Garon with the PSA Banner...don't you love 'em?

Penn Student Agencies.  Student Run, Since 1933.  PSA PRIDE!

GA Joe

"Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry." - Bill Cosby

Bill, that famous Philadelphian, probably wasn't thinking about marketing when he delivered the joke, but he might as well have been.  For the past few weeks, Penn Student Agency Store managers Phoebe and Tara have wrestled with the timeless question:  what's in a name?  As they try to brand what has until this week been called simply the "PSA Store," they have considered humor, catchiness, spirit... What will make our store exciting to students?  How will they know what the products are?  What will be memorable, so, as Bill says, "the name will carry"?

This month, after endless deliberations, the store's new title, and image, will be unveiled.  But until then, Phoebe, Tara, Elaine and the store team will be providing that same great service with exciting new products like new Penn tees, tank tops and caps!  Come in, grab a coke, and let us know what YOU think the name will be!  PSA Love!  - GA Joe (ps, we're open 10-6 weekdays!)

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