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The University of Pennsylvania has pledged to be a healthier campus! Penn signed a memorandum of understanding with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), which works with the private sector and PHA honorary chair First Lady Michelle Obama, to make healthier choices easier. Penn becomes one of only 38 Universities, and the only Ivy, across the country to have committed to expand healthier options across their campuses. Read more here!
Have you picked up your FREE Welcome Kit? This year, Student Health Service is offering FREE Welcome Kits to students filled with items to help you make it through the year. Just bring your Penncard to SHS and ask to see the cashier.

Time to get your annual flu vaccine! Here's some news you can use:

  • All of the flu vaccines at SHS are latex free
  • We have an egg free vaccine (Flublok)
  • Some of our vaccines are thimerosal free--just ask
  • We do not have the nasal flu vaccine

If you're not coming into SHS for an appointment anytime soon, come to our annual Flu Clinics! 

  • Thursday October 22nd 11am-7:30pm in Bodek Lounge (Houston Hall)
  • Wednesday October 28th from 11am-7:30pm in Hall of Flags (Houston Hall)

Have you done your part?  It's not too late to be vaccinated.  (link to appointments)