Welcome to Student Health & Campus Health

Student Health Service will have special hours of operation 

July 4th Holiday weekend

Friday, July 1st 9:00am - 2:00pm

Saturday, July 2nd 9:00am - 11:30am

Monday, July 4th CLOSED

When Student Health is closed, a medical provider is available by answer urgent medical questions. The on call provider can be reached by dialing 215-746-3535 and following the prompts. Treatment for urgent medical illnesses/injuries is available at the Emergency Room of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania or Presbyterian Medical Center. 

The Emergency Room is separate from the Student Health Service.  Students are responsible for providing insurance information to the Emergency Room and for payment of any charges not covered by insurance.   

Welcome Penn2020! Want to get a head start on learning about what's available to you from Campus Health and Student Health Service? Check out this webinar. There's even an FAQ in case your questions aren't answered in the video. Check it out


There currently is a national shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine. If you are planning to travel to South America or Africa, call SHS (215-746-3535) to schedule your travel consultation ASAP! All vaccines, including those for travel, are covered by PSIP, and there's no co-pay for a travel visit. Don't forget to register your trip.


Researchers and scientists continue to work around the clock to learn about Zika virus. The most important thing in protecting yourself against Zika Virus is the prevention of mosquito bites. SHS continues to implement travel screenings as a general standard of practice. What else should you do?

Have questions about the Zika virus? Visit this FAQ or our Disease Update.


(including nights/weekends)
Office of the Chaplain
Weingarten Learning Resources Center
RAP Line
(Reach A Peer,
9pm - 1am)
Special Services
VPUL / Student Intervention Services
Student Health Service

Have you done your part?  It's not too late to be vaccinated.  (link to appointments)