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Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee Charge

October 2003 (rev)

The Provost of the University of Pennsylvania sponsors a Student Health Insurance
Advisory Committee (SHIAC) with cross-University representation and health insurance
expertise. Building on the initial work of SHIAC, the Committee is to continue to advise
the Provost and the President on matters pertaining to the provision of health insurance
for the students of the University. SHIAC will serve as a forum for discussing issues
relevant to the provision of the best possible health insurance plan(s) to meet the needs
of the students and the University. SHIAC will review the University's Student Health
Insurance Plan and advise on the complex issues and concerns related to the
administration of the Plan. SHIAC will set in place an ongoing review mechanism for
the performance of the existing Plan. SHIAC will monitor the existing insurance Plan and
make recommendations for renewal or change of Plan design. SHIAC will develop a
mechanism for soliciting bids from vendors as appropriate. SHIAC will discuss ongoing
issues pertaining to health insurance, monitoring the changing marketplace of health
insurance provision and managed care, and making recommendations as opportunities
are identified.

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