Student Health Advisory Board

The Student Health Advisory Board, founded in the late 1980s, is a group of undergraduate, graduate, and professional Penn students who meet several times a semester to function as liaisons to the Student Health Service (SHS) and Campus Health regarding the clinical and public health needs of Penn students. SHAB works closely with SHS staff members, particularly Campus Health, in pursuit of a Healthy Penn by providing student feedback on health policies and programs.

Additionally, SHAB members will be e-mailed 1-2 times per month for feedback on more pressing issues and projects. It is expected that SHAB members will be engaged in this informal communication process.

SHAB will not have an executive board, but students may split up into project groups if there is interest in taking on side projects.

Failure to attend meetings, failure to participate in e-mail discussions, and/or failure to participate in projects are grounds for dismissal from the group.

The SHAB commitment runs from January 2016-December 2016.

SHAB is advised by Ashlee Halbritter (Director) and Rebecca Huxta (Public Health Specialist).

Fall 2016 Meeting dates and times will be the 2nd Friday of every month:

Friday September 9th                3-4:30pm

Friday October 14th                   3-4:30pm

Friday November 11th                3-4:30pm

Friday December 9th                  3-4:30pm

Membership in SHAB is on a calendar year basis. The 2017 membership application will be available in December 2016.