Student Health Advisory Board

The Student Health Advisory Board, founded in the late 1980s, is a group ofundergraduate, graduate, and professional Penn students who meet at least twice a semester to function as a liaison to the Student Health Service (SHS) regarding the health needs of Penn students. SHAB works closely with SHS staff members, particularly Campus Health, in pursuit of a Healthy Penn by providing student feedback on health policies and programs which impact the Penn community.

SHAB meets in-person 2-3 times per semester to provide feedback and input on projects within Campus Health and Student Health Service. Campus Health/SHS outlines the needs of students, based on data, as a way to elicit feedback from SHAB on which of those needs line up with students' interests and priorities. This overview of students' health will serve as the basis for discussions and projects moving forward. Additionally, SHAB members are e-mailed 1-2 times per month for feedback on more timely issues and projects.

SHAB abides by a business casual attire for in-person meetings.

Please note that SHAB does not handle individual patient issues. If you have a comment or complaint that's specific to your experience, please contact SHS directly. SHAB is advised by Ashlee Halbritter (Health Educator) and Rebecca Huxta (Program Coordinator).

Membership in SHAB is on a calendar year basis. The 2016 membership application will be available in the winter.