"Just Ask" for free condoms

Campus Health Initiatives and Student Health Service condom distribution policy has not changed drastically from before, but we are working to make access to condoms even easier for students. During the 2012-2013 academic year, Campus Health conducted focus groups and key informant interviews to learn more about what was working and what was not. One of the overwhelming messages was that there were still barriers to students practicing safe sex by using condoms. The changes to the condom distribution policy are a direct reflection of the research and evaluation conducted.

In the past, students could purchase condoms for $3 at Student Health. This year, we are excited to share, condoms are free at SHS. All students need to do is "Just Ask" the cashier. To encourage off-campus, graduate and professional students to take us up on this offer, we are distributing 2,000 postcards – each with a free condom attached – announcing the change. The Graduate Student Center and the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA) will be helping to facilitate this process.

As in years past, we continue to provide thousands of condoms to College Houses. What's new this year is that each House Dean is crafting a distribution system that best serves their particular community. 

As always, student groups, such as fraternities and sororities, are encouraged to work with us to purchase condoms in bulk at a sharply reduced rate for their members ($75/1000 condoms). Any interested student leaders should contact Ashlee (ashleeh@upenn.edu). 

Finally, we developed several new marketing materials for this effort. You may see some of these around:condoms_website_resize.jpgcondom2_website_resize.jpgits_just_website_resize.jpglanguages_website_resize.jpgGot_Condoms_website_resize.jpglanguage_black_website_resize.jpgCondom-Card-College-front_1378493888_resize.jpgcondom_card-college-back_resize.jpg

For more information, you can see the write-up about the program in the Daily Pennsylvanian.