Instructions for Submission of Health Information Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Incoming Spring 2015 students must complete several online forms and submit documents for verification purposes.  Failure to meet the requirements will result in denial of student registration privileges. These forms MUST be submitted by January 31, 2015.

Important! Submission of your immunization information is a 3-step process, as outlined in the image below. Please follow the instructions carefully and complete each step in the following order to ensure that your records are processed without delays.

Step 1.  See Your Healthcare Provider

Have your medical provider complete the Immunization Worksheet.                  

Please Note: The immunization worksheet must include your provider's signature with title and copies your original immunization records.

Step 2.   Online Submission

Log onto the SHS Portal (you'll need your Penn Key and password)

Once logged in, go to FORMS and complete the 4 online forms:

  • Notification of Private Practices
  • Health History (Complete questions that pertain to you)
  • Immunization (See instructions below)
  • TB Risk Screening (please complete all questions)

Completing the online Immunization Form:

Enter the immunization information that your health provider entered on the Immunization Worksheet. You will need your Penn Key and password to access this site. If you have any questions about how to enter your immunizations, please feel free to call us at 215 746 3535, menu option #4.

Step 3. Send Fax

Once you have completed the online forms, fax the Immunization Worksheet and all other related documents to the Student Health Service. You can obtain the fax number when you access the online forms at here the SHS Portal.  You will need your Penn Key and password to access this site.

IMPORTANT! Sending this information to us before you enter it online will greatly delay processing. Please go to the above link and complete the online forms before sending your Immunization Worksheet/records.

Note: If you get a message indicating that the site cannot locate your student information, please try back in a few days. It sometimes takes time for the information to load into our systems from the registration system. If the problem persists, or if you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact the Immunization Compliance Office at or call us at 215 746 3535 option #4.


  • Has your healthcare provider completed the Immunization Worksheet, including signing/stamping and contact information?
  • Have you attached copies of original records/blood test reports with your Immunization Worksheet?
  • Have you entered your immunization online before you have sent this to us by fax? If not you will have to contact us.

Download the Immunization Worksheet and immunization requirements

Download a printable version of these instructions

Download the immunization requirements

Penn Key information

Frequently Asked Questions for Submission:

Why do I need to do this online and send a fax?Students enter this information into our systems in a process similar to insurance information. The faxed documentation is necessary for verification purposes.

Why send copies of the original immunization records and the Immunization Worksheet?The purpose of the Immunization Worksheet is to simplify the information to help students enter it correctly. We still need copies of the original documents to verify the online information. They also provide a richer level of medical information.

Why can't I send the fax first?If the fax is sent without completing the online immunization form, there's nothing for us to verify. Eventually this will have to be entered by our staff manually and this great slows down the process for the student.

I don't have a healthcare provider to fill out the Immunization Worksheet.If you have copies of your original immunization records, but not able to get the Immunization Worksheet completed, we'll accept and process them but it will cause a delay. You'll still need to submit the online form using these records.

Why can't I just have my healthcare provider send you the Immunization Worksheet and other records?Because students MUST complete the online forms first or it delays the processing.

What happens if I miss the July 1 deadline?It will create a delay in processing your records. This can affect your compliance status in the fall and you may be placed on registration hold.

I want to send all this before the deadline, but I'm still receiving my shots. What should I do?Send the information you have before the deadline. Contact our office at 215 746 3535, option #4, and then #5 and you can arrange to get us the new record.

Frequently Asked Questions for Immunization