Required Immunizations for incoming Fall and Spring students 2014-2015.

Deadline for incoming 2015 students to submit immunization records is January 31, 2015.

The University of Pennsylvania requires all incoming full-time and all students living in campus housing to be compliant with these requirements. Students will submit this information via a secure website.

Please view submission instructions here

Documents to download
Immunization Worksheet
Immunization Requirements

Required Immunizations Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Please note: Students in health professional programs may have additional immunization requirements. Please check with your program administration.

Failure to meet the requirements will result in denial of student registration privileges.


Exemptions from requirements:  Students may be exempted from the immunization requirements if there is a medical contraindication or if religious or philosophical belief prohibits immunizations. A signed statement indicating specific medical contraindication from a Medical Doctor, Osteopath, Nurse Practitioner or a Physician's Assistant is required for medical exemption. Students with religious or philosophical beliefs that prohibit them from immunization must submit a signed Declaration of Religious or Philosophical Objection form. This form may be requested by contacting the Office of Immunization Compliance. If the exemption includes meningococcal vaccine, the Meningococcal Waiver must also be submitted. The Online Student Health History and TB screening form still must be completed.

Other Resources:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The American College Health Association (ACHA)