Announcements and News:

Beginning April 1, May graduates cannot put SHS charges on their bursar accounts.  Cash and checks will be accepted.  (And by the way, congratulations!)

A Drexel University student is reported to have died on Monday, March 10, 2014, from meningococcal meningitis.  Penn Student Health Service is following this situation very closely.  At this time, there are no actions that Penn students need to take.  If you have any questions, please call us at (215)746-3535 and ask to speak with a nurse.  For more information on bacterial meningitis, click here.


The FDA has issued a voluntary recall for a few lots of the common antidepressant medication, Effexor (venlafaxine). If you use this medication, please check your prescription container for lot numbers V130142, V130140 or V130014. If you find those numbers, contact your provider for next steps. More information can be found here.


Don't let what happened to Bob Costas happen to you! Conjunctivitis, sometimes known as pink eye, is a contagious eye condition most often caused by viral infection. For most people, pink eye resolves on its own and requires only supportive care. To prevent the spread, or reinfection, of conjunctivitis, practice good hand hygiene. For tips on self-care, click here.


Interested in stress reduction or self-care programming? Did you know meditation is good for stress management? Campus Health Initiatives offers weekly Monday Meditation sessions. Monday Meditation series runs every Monday until April 28th from 12-1pm in the Reflection Room of Graduate Student Center. It's FREE and open to ALL Penn students! Click to register, and look for Monday Meditations under "Personal Development."


Fordham University is reporting a mumps outbreak. Penn has not seen any mumps cases. According to Student Health Service Executive Director Dr. Evelyn Wiener, "College campuses have been affected by outbreaks of mumps for the past eight to ten years". Student Health is always vigilant for the possibility of mumps in students. All Penn students are required to be vaccinated against mumps, though vaccines do not offer 100% protection. For more information on mumps, click here.


Are you interested in receiving the HPV vaccine? It's available at Student Health! You can schedule an appointment with Women's Health or Immunizations. This is a series of three vaccines over the course of a few months. The Penn Student Insurance Plan covers the cost of the HPV vaccines for men and women up to age 27. If you are on a different insurance, the cost is $175 for each of the three vaccines. Check with your insurance carrier about reimbursement. Click here for more detailed information about the HPV Vaccine or here for information about HPV.

You can now purchase Next Choice One Dose emergency contraception directly from the SHS cashier without an appointment.  Please print and complete this form (or get one from the cashier) and bring it to the cashier to purchase Next Choice One Dose (generic Plan B) for twenty dollars. Click here for more info.

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100% Compliance!  Student Health Service is proud to announce that our entire staff has been vaccinated against flu in an effort to provide the safest environment for our patients. 

Have you done your part?  It's not too late to be vaccinated.  (link to appointments)