If you have experienced assault or abuse...

Sexual assault is an unwanted sexual act that occurs because of force, threat, intimidation, or the inability of the victim to give consent. Approximately 25% of college women and between 3 and 7% of college men are victims of actual or attempted sexual assault. Sexual assault is never the fault of the victim --  it is solely the fault of the perpetrator. Click HERE for more information on University guidelines, policies, and resources.

There are many resources available at Penn for victims.

215-746-3535 for the main number
3535 Market Street, Suite 100
Whether or not you engage the assistance of the Division of Public Safety's (DPS) Special Services Unit, you can come to Student Health for a health evaluation and treatment. Services are confidential. If you are female, a female provider in the Women's Health section of Student Health will examine you, discuss sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, provide you with emergency contraception if necessary, and discuss follow-up with you. If you are male, you may wish to see a provider in the Men's Health Division. The provider will examine you, discuss sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, and discuss follow-up with you. You will not incur any fees for testing related to sexual assault.

If you decide you want a forensic exam, DPS's Special Services Unit can escort you to the Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center (PSARC). It is recommended that students who wish to pursue legal action, or may want to pursue legal action in the future, receive this examination, which includes a collection of evidence. During this examination victims can receive treatment for injuries and sexually transmitted infections as well as emergency contraception. Please note that forensic rape examinations cannot be performed at any local hospital unless the victim is being treated there for injuries that are so severe they are considered medically unstable.

3624 Market Street
The aftermath of sexual assault may include symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress, including depression, sleep disturbance, and social withdrawal. You may see a provider at CAPS or be referred to a provider in the community to help you with these symptoms.

215-898-6600, 24 hours
The members of the Special Services Unit are professionally trained to assist victims of sexual assault. If you choose, they will accompany you to Jefferson Hospital for a forensic examination. They will help you file a police report if you decide to do so. If you decide to go to the Student Health Service for an evaluation, they will accompany you at your request.

215.898.6500 or 215.898.8611
3643 Locust Walk
The Penn Women's Center provides education, advocacy, and co-facilitates support groups for survivors of sexual violence. Staff at the Penn Women's Center can assist victims in navigating the different resources at both Penn and in the broader community.  They are also available to provide support and guidance to friends and family of sexual assault victims. PWC supports all students regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.