Welcome to the Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center offers matriculating undergraduate Penn students a variety of options to supplement their academic experience.

All Tutoring Center services are free, accessible, and convenient


Requests for Private Tutoring will be accepted starting the week of May 22, 2017

Satellite Tutoring Center services will resume in September 2017

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    Satellite Tutoring Center

    Need help? Have a few questions? Tutors available for one-on-one peer tutoring. Convenient locations across campus. More info on how to schedule an appointment. Schedule Flyer

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    Tutoring in the College House

    One-on-one peer tutoring, walk-in format, core introductory courses.
    Convenient locations in Ware and Harrison College Houses.  Check schedule for courses, times, locations
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    Private Tutoring

    Weekly 1-hour sessions, courses not available at Satellite Tutoring Centers, flexible times and locations.  Learn more...
  • Scholar Athlete Tutoring

    Scholar Athlete Program

    Tutoring for athletes by athletes, introductory and intermediate courses.  Offered during CAAP study hall.  Learn more...

  • Student Led Discussion Groups

    Student Led Discussion Groups

    Weekly review sessions with faculty selected tutors. Check schedule/flyer for available courses, days, times, and locations
  • Workshops


    Weekly group sessions, students solve problem sets in sessions facilitated by workshop leader.  Service resumes in September  Check schedule/flyer for available courses, days, times, and locations.

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