Welcome to the Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center offers matriculating undergraduate Penn students a variety of options to supplement their academic experience.

All Tutoring Center services are free, accessible, and convenient


  • Satellite Tutoring Center

    Satellite Tutoring Center

    Need help? Have a few questions? Tutors available for one-on-one peer tutoring. Convenient locations across campus. More info on how to schedule an appointment. Schedule Flyer

  • College House Tutoring

    Tutoring in the College House

    One-on-one peer tutoring, walk-in format, core introductory courses.
    Convenient locations in Ware and Harrison College Houses.  Check schedule for courses, times, locations
  • Private Tutoring

    Private Tutoring

    Weekly 1-hour sessions, courses not available at Satellite Tutoring Centers, flexible times and locations.  Learn more...
  • Scholar Athlete Tutoring

    Scholar Athlete Program

    Tutoring for athletes by athletes, introductory and intermediate courses.  Offered during CAAP study hall.  Learn more...

  • Student Led Discussion Groups

    Student Led Discussion Groups

    Weekly review sessions with faculty selected tutors. Check schedule/flyer for available courses, days, times, and locations
  • Workshops


    Weekly group sessions, students solve problem sets in sessions facilitated by workshop leader.  Service resumes in September  Check schedule/flyer for available courses, days, times, and locations.

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