Penn Office 365 Migration

Penn is moving to Office 365. Click here for an overview.

Recent News

Penn is moving to Office 365 for email and calendaring. Please take a minute to review the Penn O365 pre-migration checklist... Review Here

Migration Schedule

Date Office
5/24/2016 PAACH, MAKUU, LaCasa, GIC, Tutoring
5/26/2016 EOC, EAP Main, PennCAP, TS, UB, UBMS, VUB
5/31/2016 FEM
6/2/2016 OVPUL, AOD, SIS
6/7/2016 CH, LGBTC, OFSL
6/9/2016 OSA, PLATT, PWC
6/14/2016 WLRC
6/16/2016 CAPS
6/21/2016 SHS
6/23/2016 SHS - Cont.
6/28/2016 CS
6/30/2016 VPULTS
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