Approved Bartender and Security List

University Approved Bartenders

Please contact Jackie Radford ( to arrange bartenders for your event. The cost of the bartenders is partially subsidized for student groups. Your student organization will pay $35/hr per bartender for your event. Please budget transfer the money to AOD or bring a check (attn: Trustees of University of Pennsylvania) to VPUL (3611 Locust Walk) at least 48 hours before your event. If your organization does not have a budget, please contact Jackie to make other arrangements.

University Approved Security

All on campus events with alcohol must have University approved security present.  The size of your party will dictate the number of security needed. AOD will help arrange security guards for your event, but your organization/house will be responsible to cover the cost of the security guards. The guards work in pairs with a minimum of 4 hours per event. The cost is $36.45/hr per guard. Feel free to contact Jackie Radford at the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives ( if you have any questions or to discuss current security expectations.