Registering a Dry Event (alcohol-free)

Dry events must be registered. Please refer to the following guidelines as you plan your event.

Registration Deadlines

All registration forms and materials for dry events must be submitted no later than 3 business days prior to the event. Please plan ahead to ensure this deadline is met.

Forms to Complete: Dry event registration form

Required Components

  • Hosts: Designate who will be responsible for managing the event during the course of the night. This should be more than one group member.
  • Space Management: If your space has any off-limits areas, these must be designated as such in a safe manner that does not obstruct emergency exits. If you are planning any alterations or additions to your space, please consult your advisor.
  • Remaining Alcohol-Free: No attendees may bring in or provide alcohol to others. On-duty Event Observers may visit the event to ensure it remains alcohol-free.