For Students Interested in Local Recovery Programs:

Many students come to us because they are unaware of the local recovery programs that are focused at students. These students vary from having been in recovery for some time before joining us at Penn to others who are experiencing new negative outcomes from alcohol or drugs and would like a non-Penn affiliated community of young adults to engage with. These resources are available to all Philadelphians, and if you are interested but not sure how to approach these meetings, please reach out to our office staff.

The resources listed below are just some of the local off-campus recovery programs that our office is aware of, if you are aware of others and would like to promote them here, please let us know.

On-Campus Recovery Group Options

University Lutheran Church

3637 Chestnut St

Wednesdays: 8pm

Alcoholics Anonymous-Type Meetings:

The Haven:

Newest Program: Contact Maureen for more information at (610) 322-8008

500 N. 39th St (Enter from back gate on white fence along 39th)

Tuesday: 8pm (Step Study)

Saturdays: 9pm (Topic Speaker)

Salerno - Beachhead AA Group:

University Lutheran Church (3637 Chestnut St, enter back door)

Monday - Friday: 12:15-1:15pm

Monday Night Beginners:

Holy Trinity Church (1904 Walnut St)

Mondays: 6:45pm

Young People's 4021:

4021 Club (4021 Walnut St)

Tuesdays: 7:15pm

Center City Young People:

St. Marks Church (1625 Locust St)

Wednesdays: 7:30pm

Fridays: 9pm

The Underground:

Old Pine Community Center (4th and Lombard)

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 8pm

Brewerytown-Fairmount NUTS (Now Use the Steps):

Fairmount Clubhouse (2044 Fairmount Ave)

Tuesdays: 6:15pm

Midtown Group of AA:

Holy Trinity Church (1904 Walnut St)

Saturdays: 8pm

Night Owl:

William Way Community Center (1315 Spruce St)

Every night at 11:30pm

Visit which is a great resource for anyone who cannot make the meetings mentioned above, and also as a guide to learn more about the 12-step program.

Narcotics Anonymous-Type Meetings

Square One

Holy Trinity Church - (1904 Walnut St, in the basement)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 1pm

Morning NA Fix

13th between Lombard and Pine

Wednesday at 8am

Freedom on 4th

4th and Fairmount

Tuesday at 7pm