Five Key Points of the Alcohol Policy

1. Medical Amnesty

In cases of intoxication and/or alcohol poisoning, the primary concern is the health and safety of the individual(s) involved. Individuals are strongly encouraged to call for medical assistance for themselves or for a friend/acquaintance who is dangerously intoxicated. No student seeking medical treatment for an alcohol or other drug-related overdose will be subject to University discipline for the sole violation of using or possessing alcohol or drugs. This policy shall extend to another student seeking help for the intoxicated student.

2. No Kegs

Kegs of any amount of beer are not allowed in any University-managed undergraduate residence. No oversized or common source containers of any sort [including but not limited to kegs, punchbowls, beer balls, party balls] are permitted at any on-campus party

3. Party Registration

All undergraduate student organizations, which intend to sponsor either on-campus or off-campus venue events at which it is anticipated alcohol will be served and consumed, must register the event with the Vice Provost for University Life at least ten days in advance of the event. Failure to register an on-campus or Third Party Vendor event at which alcohol is served does not exempt student organizations from the applicability of these rules.

4. Alcohol Education

The University is committed to providing every Penn undergraduate student and parent or guardian with alcohol education from multiple sources when students are pre-freshman, during New Student Orientation, and during the course of the students' undergraduate education.

5. Non-alcoholic Activities

The University, along with its students, is committed to the creation of multiple recreational opportunities to help promote a wider variety of social experiences for undergraduates.