Registering an Event With Alcohol at a Third-Party Venue

Student groups may choose to host an event with alcohol at an outside venue such as a restaurant, bar, or other event space. Please refer to the following guidelines as you make your plans.

Registration Deadlines

All registration forms and materials must be submitted no later than 7 business days prior to the event. Please plan ahead to ensure this deadline is met.

Forms to Complete: third-party venue registration form

Required Components

  • Sober Hosts: There must be designated members of the hosting organization who will remain sober for the entirety of the night to help run the event. For events at off-campus venues, there must be one sober host per every 50 anticipated guests.
  • Paying for Alcohol: Venues that have bars should be operated as a standard cash bar. If the event is held at a space that doesn't have a bar, a caterer must be hired. Students may not operate their own bars. The caterer must have a liquor license and will need 30+ days to secure a permit for the event. Open bars and bottle service are not permitted. Bar minimums are strongly discouraged. Please consult with Jackie Radford at AOD to help plan these factors of your event and understand the relevant laws and policies (
  • Security: Venues supply their own security who will check ID at the door.
  • Food: Snacks or a meal must be provided to guests, whether served by the venue or ordered in from elsewhere. Water and non-alcoholic beverages are available at all bars.
  • Transportation: Consider whether your organization has any special requirements for transportation to off-campus venues and arrange accordingly. Student groups can hire a bus or individual attendees can take a taxi or SEPTA to and from the event.