Interpersonal Growth Groups

Interpersonal Growth Groups (IGG)

Interested in feeling more connected with others? Want to learn about yourself and how you interact with others?

Consider a co-ed Interpersonal Growth Group (IGG)!

  • In these groups, 7-10 students meet weekly with 2 therapist leaders. Group is a great place to share your concerns, get support, and learn from others. Students who participate in group therapy feel less isolated, more self-aware, and more connected to others as a result of being in group.
  • The true power of Interpersonal Growth Groups lies in the interactions among members and what they learn about themselves as a result. IGGs provide an opportunity to learn about how others experience you, to study your own style of relating, and to learn how that style may get in the way of developing satisfying relationships. Socially anxious students have pushed themselves out of the corner and learned to open up at their own pace. Caretakers have learned to share their struggles and allow themselves to be supported by others. Students who are always moving and thinking have recognized the need to slow down and sit with their own feelings rather than rushing in the avoid them or make them go away. Those are just a few of the ways that students have benefitted from IGGs.
  • We'll be offering 2 IGGs this Fall. One runs on Wednesdays 3-4:30pm; the other is on Fridays 1:30-2:45pm. The Fall IGG groups usually run from October to December. Please check back here for scheduling information.

IGG Sessions this Spring:

Wednesdays:  3:30-5:00pm, starting February 13th - April 17th

Fridays: 1:30-2:45pm, starting February 1st - May 3rd (CLOSED)

*Click here to submit your contact information and your availability to our Group Coordinator, Dr. Michele Downie.