International Student Empowerment Group (English)

The International Students Empowerment Group (ISEG) is a one-hour weekly, English-speaking group for undergraduate and graduate international students. ISEG provides a safe and supportive space for international students to share their stories, challenges, and successes as they work to achieve their goals at Penn. The goal of ISEG is to optimize personal and academic growth by building resilience, learning from each other, and creating a caring community. A pre-group information meeting with the facilitators is required to join the group.  Click here to get poster.

Topics of discussion may include:
• Navigating cultural and language barriers
• Coping with cultural stereotypes and discrimination
• Developing bicultural competences
• Exploring intersecting social identities in a bicultural context
• Understanding cultural differences in academic expectations
• Building relationships with people from different backgrounds
• Maintaining relationships with friends and family (home country or in the U.S.)
• Talking about navigating dating, romantic relationship, or marriage
• Sharing thoughts and feelings about food, eating, and body image concerns
• Discussing visa issues and future career directions
• Managing self-care, healthy lifestyle, and work life balance

If you have any questions about this support space, please contact Young Hwa Kim, Ph.D. or Soeun Park, M.A.

When: Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm, 2/7/19 - 5/2/19
Where:  CAPS, 3624 Market Street, 1st Floor West