Manage Your Moods Workshops

Do you feel like your emotions get in the way of your life success?  At one time or another, everyone experiences stress, emotional pain, and relationship challenges. In the Manage Your Moods workshops* you will learn specific skills, which are described below. We would love it if you can attend all of our workshops, but it is not an expectation. Instead we hope you come to the workshops that you feel you can benefit from and fit into your schedule.

Please click to register for these workshops.  You will be able to come back to register for each one you would like to attend.

Do you struggle with deciding what to prioritize?

On Wednesday, 9/21/2016 from 11am - 12:15pm come learn how to clarify your priorities to ensure you make choices congruent with what feels most important to you.

Do you feel controlled by feelings, but struggle to know what they are?
On Thursday, 9/29/2016 from 2pm - 3:15pm join us to learn how to name emotions you experience, and how naming them can help you manage these feelings.

Does making decisions feel impossible?
On Monday, 10/3/2016 from 11am -12:15pm we will focus on the important skill of examining pros and cons to help us make informed decisions.

Do you feel your actions aren't connected to your values?
On Monday, 10/17/2016 from 11am - 12:15pm we will discuss how to translate our values into action, and how this can lead to a happier, more meaningful life.

Do problems feel overwhelming?
On Thursday, 10/20/2016 from 2:45pm - 4pm learn how to help yourself cope ahead of time, managing problems before they become problems, and preparing for the inevitability of struggles in life.

Do you lose control and act without thinking, particularly when you are feeling powerful emotions?
On Wednesday, 10/26/2016 from 1pm-2:15pm learn a technique to help you slow down, and not act impulsively when feeling powerful emotions.

Do you beat yourself up, and sometimes feel like you could be a failure?
On Friday, 10/28/2016 from 11 am- 12:15 pm join us and learn how to improve self-esteem by focusing and appreciating mastery you have achieved.

Do you feel emotions are confusing or weird?
On Thursday, 11/3/2016 from 2:45pm - 4pm learn how to understand your emotions and how understanding your feelings can help you to manage them more productively.

Do you feel weighed down or troubled by emotions?
On Friday 11/11/2016 from 11am - 12:15pm learn how to accumulate positive emotions to help you live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Do you tend to procrastinate and find yourself avoiding problems, only for them to become worse over time?
On Wednesday 11/16/2016 from 3pm - 4:15pm join us to learn how to avoid avoiding, by facing difficult situations before they become even harder.

Do you feel that you hold onto difficult feelings like sadness, anger, or shame?
Join us on Monday, 12/5/2016 from 11am - 12:15pm to learn how to let go of emotional suffering.

*The Manage your Moods curriculum is loosely based on principles of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, by Marsha Linehan, and have been adopted for a wider audience.