Penngagement International Experience Series (PIE)

Time: 12-1:30pm, Fridays, 2018-2019

Location: CAPS, 3624 Market Street 1st floor West and Perry World House, 3803 Locust Walk

Link for registration:, click here for the poster.

Co-sponsored by Counseling and Psychological Services, ISSS, & GAPSA

Penngagement International Experience (PIE) Series is a year-round prevention and outreach program tailored for international students and those who have international experiences or are interested in international students' experiences. It intends to provide these students with a welcoming and supportive platform where they can:

1) Become familiar with campus resources 
2) Interact and develop a relationship with fellow students, staff, and administrators
3) Learn important information and develop useful skills leading to success
4) Experience a sense of belonging and community.

Discuss important topics, make connections, and enjoy free food!

PIE Series - Fall 2018

August 21: 11:30am-12:20pm
Safety and Security at Penn (DPS)
Location: PWH, 3803 Locust Walk

Sept. 7: 12pm-1:30pm
Faculty Panel Discussion: What do Professors Expect from You? (SEAS, GSE, OSC)
Location: CAPS, 3624 Market Street, 1st Floor West

Sept. 14: 12pm-1:30pm
Small Talk and Social Interactions in the U.S. (GSC)
Location: CAPS, 3624 Market Street, 1st Floor West

Sept 28: 12pm-1:30pm
Thriving in a U.S. Classroom (WLRC)
Location: CAPS, 3624 Market Street, 1st Floor West

Oct. 12: 12pm-1:30pm
Peer Panel Discussion: Top Tips for an Unforgettable Penn Experience (UA, AIS, GAPSA)
Location: CAPS, 3624 Market Street, 1st Floor West

Oct 26: 12pm-1:30pm
Stress Less, Feel Better (CAPS)
Location: PWH, 3803 Locust Walk

For more information, please contact Dr. Yuhong He.