PennLink Services & Eligibility

Job and Internship Listings:

Available to all alumni/ae and current students enrolled in degree programs (not certification programs) in the following schools: Annenberg, Arts and Sciences, Biomedical Graduate Studies, the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (who have completed at least 16 credits), Engineering, Education, Design, Nursing, Social Policy and Practice, Wharton Undergraduate, Wharton Doctoral Programs, and current postdocs in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Biomedical Graduate Studies and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

On-Campus Recruiting:

Please click here for information on On-Campus Recruiting Eligibility.

Students in the following programs are not eligible for PennLink:

Engineering EMTM (can request special permission), MBA, Law, *Medicine (except BGS)*, Dental, and Veterinary.

Current postdocs may access PennLink job postings, but are not eligible to use On-Campus Recruiting.