Who can apply?
All full-time degree-seeking current students served by Career Services who are not graduating in May or August 2018 may apply for summer funding.

I am also applying for other funding sources. Can I still apply?
Yes but you need to indicate which other sources of funding you are applying for and if you receive funding from another source, you need to notify Career Services immediately by emailing Kelly Walsh at kelwalsh@upenn.edu.

I have received summer funding from Career Services before. Can I still apply?
You are welcome to apply for additional funding but will need to explain in your goal statement why you are worthy of receiving it again.

What if I have not yet secured my summer opportunity?
You need to indicate a specific position for which you are applying but need not have received an offer before the application deadline. However, you must submit an offer letter to Career Services no later than April 15th to receive funding.

I submitted an application for funding but am no longer pursuing that opportunity or have received other sources of funding. How do I withdraw my application?
If it is before the deadline, simply withdraw your application on Handshake. If it is after the deadline, please email Kelly Walsh at kelwalsh@upenn.edu to remove yourself from consideration.

Are applications reviewed on a rolling basis or only after the deadline?
The application review cycle will be broken into two cycles. The first review period will begin after the March 2nd deadline. The second batch of applications will be reviewed after the April 2nd deadline. Applications are not reviewed until after respective deadlines.

How likely is it to be awarded summer funding?
We fund as many students as we can but this is a competitive process. In the 2017 summer funding cycle, we received well over 200 applications and ultimately funded 37 students. With increased funding available this year we are hoping to fund closer to 50 students this year.

I need funding to cover a summer course I might take which includes a volunteer or internship component. Can I apply for funding?
No, we do not fund any summer courses or study abroad experiences.

I applied for Career Services summer funding last year but my application was not successful. Will that count against me if I apply again?
No, we strongly encourage all students to apply again for Career Services summer funding, particularly if you first applied in your freshman year.

I am a freshman. Can I apply for summer funding?
Yes, all undergraduates are eligible to apply but preference will be given to sophomores and juniors. That said, in 2017, 8% of undergraduate funding recipients were freshmen.

I have more than one summer experience opportunity to consider. How many summer funding applications may I submit?
Each student may only submit one summer funding application and your application may only reference a single summer opportunity.

What if I am receiving a summer stipend/salary but it is not enough to cover my expenses. Can I still apply?
Yes, you may still apply but the funding pool is limited so students receiving large ($2000 or more) summer salaries/stipends must explain how this may not still cover expenses.

Can I receive feedback on my summer funding application materials from an advisor in Career Services?
While our advisors are always happy to review resumes and applications in general, we cannot provide feedback on the Career Services Summer Funding application.

How many students received funding from Career Services last year?
In 2017, 37 students received summer funding awards from Career Services. Read about how summer funding recipients made an impact last summer on our blog!

What is the typical summer funding grant amount from Career Services?
There is no typical award amount as it it depends upon what was requested, determined need, and other facts. In 2017, Career Services summer funding recipients received between $750 and $3000. The top allocated award amount for 2018 is $3500.

Is there a requirement about the length of the summer experience?
Yes. The Summer Funding Committee will not consider summer experiences shorter than 6 weeks.