Discovery Days are designed to provide alumni a chance to interact with College of Arts and Sciences or Wharton students interested in exploring jobs and industries of great interest. Our program is designed for alumni volunteers to provide an insightful experience for one or more students - giving them the opportunity to observe a "day in the life" of an alum's current occupation and employer.  Discovery Days hosts have the flexibility to create an experience that is informative for students while compatible and conducive with the host's schedule.  Our program connects alumni with current Wharton or College of Arts and Sciences freshmen and sophomores. Participating in Discovery Days can be a great way to reconnect with Penn, mentor a student for a day, and help students explore an occupation.


March 2019 Discovery Days: March 4, 2019 - March 8, 2019*

*Dates for the program are subject to change


Interested hosts will need to register by filling out the Discovery Days Registration Form* : https://upenn.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6QCXXMaNU1H3daJ

*All registrations are pending until review and confirmation by a member of Career Services.  Please contact Jingy Yen, Associate Director at: yenw@upenn.edu to express your interest in participating in the program.

After registration closes, we will use this information to promote the program to students and matches for the March 2019 Discovery Days will be announced in February.


Career Services staff review application materials and match students with alumni hosts based on interest, geographic proximity, and the opportunity to gain more exposure to a particular field or industry.  This process takes place several weeks prior to the program cycle.  Students who are assigned a Discovery Day placement will be expected to meet with a career advisor to review guidelines, and confirm commitment to participate in the program.* Once a match is made for one or more students, depending on how many students the host is able to accommodate, alumni will be notified based on the preference indicated in their registration form - either contacted directly by the student(s) or by our staff with student contact information for their match.  Typically, hosts work directly with students to inform students of the Discovery Day activities, schedule and to manage the logistics directly.   

*We will make every effort to place all interested students at Discovery Days sites, however, we cannot guarantee placement for all alumni volunteers. Since the primary purpose of the Discovery Days program is for career exploration, note that students who have relatively less exposure to the career field and who submit well thought out reasons for pursuing a Discovery Days placement are given preference. Geographic proximity may also be a factor in matching students with Discovery Days sites.


Potential Discovery Day activities to consider offering for students include:

  • Informational interviews with professionals in various departments and/or at various levels of your organization
  • Participation in daily operations that will provide a student with hands-on exposure to the position and industry
  • Completion of a relevant project if the Discovery Day is long enough to accommodate it
  • Job shadow of one or more professionals on the job
  • Staff meetings and presentations with employees
  • Tour of the work site


Which students participate in the Discovery Days program?

Participants are typically College of Arts and Sciences and Wharton freshmen and sophomores.

Are there any costs for hosts to participate in the Discovery Days program?

Discovery Day hosts are not expected to incur any costs to participate. Any travel, housing, and meal expenses are the responsibility of students.

How long and when are Discovery Day experiences?

Discovery Days range in length of time but are usually one day, although they could be a partial day or multiple days. Final decisions on the actual length of any Discovery Day are at the discretion of individual site hosts. They can be offered during any business day(s) during the spring break (March 4, 2019 - March 8, 2019).

How are Discovery Day placements determined?

Because the Discovery Days program is designed primarily to encourage career discovery among students, Career Services reviews all applications submitted and matches students with Discovery Days sites according to their indicated career areas of interest.

Who can I contact for questions about the program?

Email Anne Marie Dickinson, Associate Director - College of Arts and Sciences Team, Jingy Yen, Associate Director - Wharton Undergraduate Team, with any questions about the program.

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